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888 Holdings, one of the top online gambling companies in the world, has just released a new online poker platform to their members. The next-generation platform promises members a “more engaging experience” with better graphics and an improved user interface. It’s an exciting development for internet poker fans around the world.

This comes at an interesting time. 888poker has seen a recent decline in its user base, and this improvement may help the change that. Will it be effective?

History and Growth of 888 Holdings

This company launched all the way back in 1997. Initially, it based its operations in Antigua, before moving its administrative center to Gibraltar in 2003. By 2005, this company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and began gaining a significant presence around Europe.

Today, 888 operates an online sportsbook, casino, and poker site. This company earns millions in revenue every month, much of which comes from its poker platform. 888 is a without a doubt one of the most popular gambling sites in Europe right now and has even launched in US states with legalized online gambling.

The three biggest poker websites in the world, including 888poker, recently released their revenue figures from 2018. Surprisingly, 888 saw its poker revenue drop by 37% from the year before. It’s clear they need to make a change.

This week, 888 Holdings has launched a new online poker platform. It’s called ‘Poker 8’ and promises a much-improved gaming experience for members. Hope is high that this new platform can boost revenue back this year.

What Will This New Online Poker Platform Offer?

‘Poker 8’ is releasing in different phases over the next few months. It comes after significant research and feedback from current members of 888poker. There are a few things we know about the platform already.

First, it will be a cross-territory platform. This will allow members to play with other people around the world. The scope of the cross-territory platform will remain inside countries where 888poker is legal.

888 is also claiming that this new online poker platform will have improved graphics and a better interface for the poker lobby and tables. The entire experience will be improved, according to 888 Holdings’ Vice-President, Guy Cohen.

Over the coming months, all players will benefit from additional upgrades and improvements to our next generation poker platform and we’ll be taking on board customer feedback about the new features,” he said. “Once the roll-out is complete, we believe our best-in-class platform will offer the most entertaining and engaging experience on the market.

Reasons Why 888 Holdings is Launching ‘Poker 8’

As we mentioned earlier, 888poker has experienced a dramatic revenue decrease over the past couple of years. In 2017, this company earned $77.9 million in online poker revenue. In 2018, this revenue dropped to just $49 million.

The decrease in earnings is forcing 888 to improve their poker platform. 888 has attempted to offer some great promotions to boost revenue, including rake-free tournaments. They’re now attempting to improve the overall playing experience.

888 is still one of the best online sports betting companies in the world. They offer some amazing odds and games across their different platforms. The improvements to the online poker site are extremely exciting for members.

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Do you think this new online poker platform will help boost 888 Holdings’ revenue? Are you excited about the upgrades to the site? Let us know in the comment section below!

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