Adam Laxalt Still Getting Bombarded by Family Members in Nevada Gubernatorial Election

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To use a little creative license with a common expression, “With relatives like this, who needs enemies?”

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt continues to be lambasted by members of his own family in his campaign to become the next Governor of the state. This time, twelve members of his extended family wrote an op-ed for the Reno Gazette Journal, explaining why he is an awful choice to lead the state. This follows not long after Monique Laxalt and Dr. Kristin Laxalt, two of Adam’s cousins, hosted a fundraiser for his gubernatorial opponent, Democratic candidate, Steve Sisolak.

Why is this important for an online gambling site? Adam Laxalt is opposed to online gambling, including online poker, even in a state whose economy is based on gambling. Even in a state that already has online poker. In 2015 and 2016, Laxalt co-signed a letter with other state Attorneys General, touting the benefits of Sheldon Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA). Laxalt’s sister also works for a lobbying consultancy that has worked closely with Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp.

In the article, the Laxalt relatives talked about how Adam is essentially a phony Nevadan:

First, for those of us who were actually raised in Nevada, it’s difficult to hear him continue to falsely claim that he was raised in Nevada or has any true connections to Nevadans. The simple fact is that while he may have been born in Reno, he left as an infant and was raised on the East Coast, 3,000 miles away, in Washington, D.C., and moved here only in 2013, only one year later launching his political career. Aside from the occasional short visit, Adam never knew the state or its people. Perhaps if he had, he would stand for Nevada’s values rather than for those of his out-of-state donors.

It’s not that a newcomer to the state is necessarily a bad choice to be Governor, but what his family hates is that he is acting like he’s a lifelong Nevadan when he is clearly not one. They feel he is trying to capitalize on the family name – his grandfather was a respected politician – to build a political career.

They also go after his qualifications:

Second, there is the simple question of whether Adam is qualified to head the executive branch in Nevada. His brief experience as a practicing lawyer was described as a “train wreck” by members of his own firm. His tenure in the attorney general’s office has been little more than a four-year publicity tour for his current campaign for governor — in fact, he outsourced jobs in the AG’s office to out-of-state lawyers who were given special exemptions to practice law in Nevada.

“All of these shortcomings come down to a lack of real, authentic connection to our state, and a failure to understand what is important to real Nevadans,” Laxalt’s relatives say.

“It’s worth saying that this column isn’t about politics,” the Laxalt clan concludes. “We would be proud to have a Laxalt running for office on Nov. 6, regardless of whether they were Republican or Democrat or independent, so long as we believed that they would be good for Nevada. We’re writing because we care about Nevada and because we know the truth about this candidate. We think that you should, too.”

In the latest Reuters poll (mid-October), Laxalt leads Sisolak 46-41 with 13 percent undecided. In a similar timeframe, Vox Populi has Sisolak ahead 42-40 when not giving respondents the “undecided” option.

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