Addiction Group Criticizes UK’s Current Gambling Laws

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For almost all of 2019, lawmakers in the UK have worked on ways to better regulate the gambling industry. Companies involved with this industry feel these regulations are becoming too harsh. Those on the other side believe the government is not doing enough. This week, a gambling addiction group openly criticized the UK’s current gambling laws.

This group claims the laws are outdated and aren’t thorough enough to protect players. Now is the perfect time to look at some of the regulations that have been placed on the UK gambling industry. We’ll also look at what the aforementioned addiction group is now calling for.

Let’s get into it!

2019 Brought a Huge Number of Gambling Regulations in the UK

The United Kingdom has one of the biggest and most lucrative gambling markets in the world. Unfortunately, rates of gambling addiction have been surging here for years. As a result, lawmakers in the country have begun implementing new measures to protect players.

One of the first was a new law on gambling advertisements. After this law was implemented, online gambling companies could no longer promote their services using social media. The goal was to limit gambling ads to children.

Later in the year, lawmakers significantly lowered the maximum stake that FOBTs could offer. In the past, these slot-like machines would accept bets up to £200. Now, they are only able to take wagers of £2 and lower.

The FOBT regulation has taken a serious toll on many UK gambling operators. William Hill, for example, has been forced to close down hundreds of its land-based betting shops. Now, this company is working hard to break into the newly-emerging US sports betting market.

This week, a major gambling addiction group took a look at the approach that the government is taking. This group is now criticizing the UK’s current gambling laws.

Action Against Gambling Harm Wants to See the UK’s Current Gambling Laws Change

Many individuals around the United Kingdom have been calling for change. The discussion around gambling addiction has grown so large, in fact, that five of the biggest online gambling companies in the country have pledged to donate millions to fight against these problems. The companies will donate a combined £100 million to tackle addition.

Peter Chadlington, who’s forming the independent charity to collect this money, wants to ensure that it’s put to good use. His charity, which is set to be called Action Against Gambling Harm, has recently begun to call for changes to the UK’s current gambling laws.

Chadlington is happy to see these companies putting money towards something that benefits society. He doesn’t believe it’s quite enough to make any real change, though.

“The gambling act is absolutely certainly not fit for purpose in 2020 because when it was drawn up in 2005 we had about 18 percent internet penetration in the country and now we are at over 90 percent, so there is very little in the act that deals with online,” he said.

He wants lawmakers in the country to ask gambling operators for more. If Chadlington had his way, these companies would ensure their players do not become addicts. Whether or not that’s even possible is up for debate.

More UK Gambling Regulations Likely to Come in 2020

The UK has some of the highest rates of gambling addiction in the world. For many years, this was a statistic that the government seemed to turn a blind eye toward. The UK’s current gambling laws are much different than the ones just a few years ago.

As we’ve already mentioned, several new regulations have already been placed on this industry in 2019. More are likely to come in 2020, as well.

Some believe that additional land-based gambling laws will be put into place. Others think the ban on credit cards for gambling that lawmakers discussed earlier this year will finally be put into place.

The biggest gambling operators in the country are donating millions. They are also fighting hard against any new regulations.

Do you think the UK’s current gambling laws are effective enough? What else can the government do to help stop gambling addiction? Let us know in the comments section below!

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