Legendary Gambler Archie Karas Arrested

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The famous gambler Archie Karas has been accused of cheating at a casino by marking cards. According to the charges he was adding smudges of dye onto the back of picture cards and aces used at the blackjack table to try and gain an advantage over the house. This allegedly took place at the Barona Resort and Casino in California and resulted in Karas winning over $8,000.

The Californian Justice Department has stated that the card marking was done using a specially modified chip filled with dye. By swiping the chip over the cards a trace of the dye would be left. Following the execution of a search warrant at the home of Karas, similarly modified chips from other casinos were also found, but there have been no other complaints lodged against him at this time.

This arrest is not the first time Karas has been in trouble with the law due to his gambling activities. He has been arrested four times in the past for card cheating and Karl Bennison, of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, is quoted as saying “Karas has been a threat to the gaming industry in many jurisdictions.” According to the district attorney’s office, his latest arrest is the result of a joint investigation between multiple law enforcement agencies.

Karas is one of the best known gamblers in the world and is something of a legend. His status stems primarily from his incredibly winning streak, known as “The Run”, back in the 90s – when he is said to have won around $40 million starting with just a $50 bankroll. He subsequently lost it all and went on to win and lose many more millions of dollars over the years. As well as gambling in the casino he has also been a regular on the professional poker circuit.

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