Betting Odds Released After Conor McGregor vs Machine Gun Kelly Altercation

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  • Online sportsbook BetOnline Has Released Betting Odds around the Conor McGregor and MAchine Gun Kelly Altercation.
  • MGK is a -150 betting favorite to apologize first to McGregor.
  • McGregor would be a -10000 odds on favorite if the two ended up fighting in a celebrity boxing match.

Machine Gun Kelly went to the MTV Video Music Awards show to perform. He almost ended up getting into a fight with MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

According to a report from TMZ, the two celebrities got into an altercation after Machine Gun Kelly reportedly denied McGregor’s request for a photo. The two then got into a heated verbal exchange which ended up with MGK or a member of his security shoving McGregor which led to McGregor spilling his drink. Infuriated, McGregor intentionally threw his drink at the direction of MGK and his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox. Later, the two-division UFC champion was seen throwing a punch at MGK.

Of course, the punch missed it mark but now the best boxing betting sites want the two to throw legal punches at each other in a boxing match.

Next Celebrity Boxing Match?

Online sportsbook BetOnline was quick to pounce on the incident, putting up a boxing betting line between the two celebrities. According to the bookmaker, MGK is a +2500 betting underdog in a bout against McGregor. Meanwhile, the Irishman has been listed as a gargantuan -10000 betting favorite to beat MGK.

But while conspiracy theorists say that the incident was scripted to promote a celebrity boxing bout between the two, an actual bout is unlikely because there had been no prior hostile incident between these two celebrities, and what happened was merely a heated incident and not a fight as media is picturing it to be.

McGregor also said after the incident that he doesn’t fight “little Vanilla Ice white rappers” and that he only fights with “real fighters”. Both parties even ended up attending the show with their respective partners and McGregor was a presenter for the “Artist of the Year” award, a category where MGK was nominated.

What Happens Next via Twitter/IG?

Since a fight between the two may be a remote possibility, BetOnline also came up with a betting market on what happens next between the two on social media, beginning with the two burying the hatchet. The online sportsbook says that the odds that MGK apologizes to McGregor are at -150 while the odds that the Irishman apologizes first to Machine Gun Kelly are next at +200.

At +400, McGregor is favored to say that Megan Fox DMed him, just like what he said about Dustin Poirier’s wife when he tried to promote their bout. Interestingly, the odds that McGregor ends up taking a picture with Machine Gun Kelly is next at +500 while the  odds for the announcement of a celebrity boxing fight between the two is currently listed at +1500.

McGregor is in the United States recovering from the leg injury he suffered in his fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 last July. He has been busy going around Los Angeles despite still wearing a protective boot and using a cane while walking. The Irishman is expected to return to fighting next year, although most probably in the UFC and it’s highly unlikely that it will be against Machine Gun Kelly.

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