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  • 3 Games on Thanksgiving
  • Specialty prop bets from Bovada
  • Single-day parlays

Thanksgiving is a special time in the NFL season because it is the only time of the season that we as fans can expect to see three games played on a Thursday. Watching football on Thanksgiving is an important part of many families’ holiday traditions. In fact, the tradition is so important that people will sit down and willingly watch the Lions. 

This year, Bovada’s sportsbook is offering players a chance to win big with Thanksgiving day parlays and prop bets. Additionally, the games are made even more unique this Thanksgiving as all 6 of the teams involved are coming off of losses in Week 10.  

NFL Thanksgiving Day Games Odds

Speaking of the Lions (0-9-1), they kick off the festivities this year with an NFC North divisional matchup against the Chicago Bears (3-7). The Bears won the first game of the division season back in October by a score of 24-14. Comparatively, Detroit, still searching for their first victory of the year, is currently a +140 underdog to win. Chicago is the favorite by -3 points, and the over/under is set at 41.5 points. 

The tall task of following the Lions-Bears game falls to the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas (7-3) hosts the Las Vegas Raiders (5-5). With both teams coming off ugly losses, this game offers both teams a chance to get back on their feet. The Raiders head into the contest as +270 underdogs. Dallas is favored by -8 points, with the total over/under sitting at 50.5 points.

Wrapping up the Thanksgiving day games is a cross-conference matchup between the visiting Buffalo Bills (6-4) and the New Orleans Saints (5-5). Josh Allen’s MVP campaign took a big hit after losing to the Colts last week, and he’ll be looking to get it back on track. Despite coming off losses, both teams are still firmly in the playoff hunt. The Bills enter this game as -260 favorites. The Saints are +6 point underdogs, and the total points are set at 45.5.

Thanksgiving Prop Bets

For bettors looking to win real money on prop bets, Bovada has you covered. This year, there are two bets players can choose from: which team will score the most points and which team will score the least.

The Cowboys (+250) are currently favored to score the most points. Unsurprisingly, the Detroit Lions have the longest odds for this prop bet at +1000. The field as a whole looks like this:

  • Dallas Cowboys +250
  • Buffalo Bills  +300
  • Las Vegas Raiders +375
  • New Orleans Saints +400
  • Chicago Bears +750
  • Detroit Lions +1000

On the other side, the Lions are favored to be the team to score the least points on Thanksgiving at +275. Dallas is the biggest underdog for this prop bet at +900. The standings for the least amount of points scored currently look like this:

  • Detroit Lions +275
  • New Orleans Saints +300
  • Las Vegas Raiders +350
  • Chicago Bears +400
  • Buffalo Bills +750
  • Dallas Cowboys +900

Thanksgiving Single Day Parlays

For players looking for more of a challenge, Bovada is also offering four different Thanksgiving single-day parlays.  The current parlay odds are: 

  • Favorites Win (+210) – Chicago, Dallas, and Buffalo all win
  • Away Teams Win (+750) – Chicago, Las Vegas, and Buffalo all win
  • Home Teams Win (+800) –  Detroit, Dallas, and New Orleans all win
  • Underdogs Win (+2500) – Detroit, Las Vegas, and New Orleans all win

The two longest parlay odds, home teams win and underdogs win, both require the Lions to win in order to hit. The away team wins parlay still offers bettors the chance to wager on 2 out of the 3 favorites on Thursday.

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