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Betting on the F1 World Championship Is Getting Easier

We’re now more than halfway through the 2019 Formula One World Championship. Fans around the world have been watching and placing wagers on the race outcomes. Now, betting on the F1 World Championship is easier than ever.

It’s been an extremely exciting tournament this year. Now is the perfect time to look at what new betting platform is coming for Formula One. We’ll also talk about the current standings and future betting odds for the 2019 F1 World Championship. Let’s get into it!

12th Formula One World Championship Officially Concludes

We’ve seen some incredible races take place this year. The tournament has already touched down in 12 different countries from Australia to Canada. This past weekend was one of the most exciting races so far this year.

On August 4th, the 12th race of the 2019 F1 Championship took place in Mogyorod, Hungary. Betting odds for the event were mixed. Lewis Hamilton, the overall favorite to win this year’s tournament, was coming off his worst performance in Germany.

For a while, it looked like Max Verstappen was on his way to winning the Hungary World Championship. He controlled much of the race after leading away from pole position. Eventually, Hamilton established his position in the lead.

The English racer held onto a consistent pace to take the lead. He ended up winning the race, his seventh out of 12 in the 2019 F1 World Championship. Max Verstappen gave Hamilton his credit, stating “Lewis was on fire.”

This week, Formula One announced that it was launching a brand new betting platform for fans.

New Options for Betting on the F1 World Championship

Almost all of the top online gambling sites in Europe offer betting odds for the Formula One World Championship. It’s one of the most popular sporting events to bet on. This week, officials at Formula One revealed a new betting platform for fans.

This major sports association is set to offer a live in-play betting service. F1 is partnering with Sportradar and Interregional Sports Group as sponsors. Sportradar will begin offering 30 unique betting options using exclusive Formula One data.

Bettors will have the ability to put money on race outcomes such as the race winner, pole position, and top 10 finishes. As the season progresses, more unique betting options will be offered.

Unfortunately, this new betting service won’t be available until 2020. This will give Sportradar and the ISG to prepare the best possible product for fans. David Lampitt, managing director of sports partnership for Sportradar, recently commented on the new service to the media.

“F1 remains an untapped market for bookmakers, despite it being one of the richest data driven sports in the world,” he said. “This partnership enables us to roll out enhanced data-driven products, which will provide additional betting opportunities both prior to and during live races, creating the most comprehensive offering available anywhere.”

Current Betting Odds for the 2019 F1 World Championship

As we mentioned earlier, the 12th race of the 2019 F1 tournament has officially concluded. Nine more races are taking place this year. For those looking to bet on the F1 World Championship, let’s look at some of the favorites to win the whole tournament courtesy of Betway Sportsbook.

Lewis Hamilton: 1.04

There’s no doubt that Lewis Hamilton is the current favorite right now. He’s won seven of the 12 races that have already taken place. Lewis struggled in Germany, yet it’s been confirmed that he was struggling with an illness during the event.

Hamilton bounced back in a huge way in Hungary. He’s looking better than ever and is just 10 wins away from breaking the all-time record set by Michael Schumacher. Betway lists Hamilton’s odds to win the F1 Championship at 1.04

Max Verstappen: 15.00

Max Verstappen is listed as the second-highest favorite to win the championship this year. He looked great in Hungary last weekend before Hamilton began to take over. There’s no doubt he’s an underdog, though.

The F1 World Championship betting odds reflect this. Verstappen has won two races thus far in the tournament, yet he’ll need to pull off something incredible in order to pull ahead of Lewis Hamilton. He has odds of 15.00 to win.

If you’re interested in betting on the F1 World Championship, make sure to head to Betway Sportsbook today! Here, you’ll find a complete list of betting odds for each race.

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