Boat Casinos in Goa Moving to a New Location

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Lawmakers in Goa have been working to revamp their current set of gambling laws. Over the past few years, there’s been talk of moving the state’s casinos to another area. Now, a new location for the boat casinos in Goa is being seriously considered.

Now is the perfect time to look at why the local government is moving these casinos. We’ll also talk about where the casinos are moving. Let’s get into it!

Goa’s Laws on Casino Gambling

India has a unique stance on the gambling industry. Here, each of the country’s individual states has the ability to set their own laws on gambling. Goa is one of the only states that allows full-scale casino operations.

The state government allows these casinos to operate as long as they are on water. Today, five different casinos are available here, all of which offer a range of different gambling options. As you might expect, these gambling venues are extremely popular.

Government officials in Goa are working to relocate these gambling establishments. According to reports, boat casinos in Goa have been accused of dumping raw sewage into the Mandovi, where they reside. Now, there’s a new location being discussed for these casinos.

Lawmakers Looking at Aguada Bay for Boat Casinos in Goa

It’s an interesting time for casinos in Goa. Lately, the floating casinos have been running on six-month licenses from the government. Lawmakers hoped that by the time these licenses run out, there will be a new location ready for the casinos.

This is looking more likely. Goa’s government has officially informed the state legislature that it plans to move casinos from the Mandovi river to the Aguada Bay. Tourism Minister Dilip Paruleker has confirmed that lawmakers are “seriously considering” this new location.

A study is being conducted on how sustainable this location is for gambling venues. Casino operators in Goa have agreed to move, as long as they are provided with the necessary infrastructure to operate.

Goa’s government has also discussed plans to allow these casinos on land. This seems less likely now. The Aguada Bay location seems to be the top choice and could begin hosting casinos by the end of this year.

Online Gambling Options in India

Goa remains the only state in India where land-based gambling options are legal. Fortunately, there are a huge range of amazing online gambling sites available throughout this country. With a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, this country has one of the most lucrative gambling markets in the world.

Today, many of the best gambling sites in Europe operate in India. Most of them provide a wide range of different casino and sports betting options.

India’s central government does not regulate the majority of these sites. Fortunately, most of them are completely safe. The top internet gambling sites in India take strict measures to protect their player’s money.

Boat casinos in Goa are moving. Based on reports, they will relocate to Aguada Bay. Make sure to stay tuned for more news on Goa’s gambling laws over the next few months!

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