Casino Gambling in GTA Online Draws Controversy

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Earlier this week, we discussed the UK’s opinion that FIFA loot boxes are not a form of gambling. Interestingly, another popular video game is making gambling news this week. Casino gambling in GTA Online can now be done using real money, leading many to wonder if this game is in line with US online gambling laws.

There’s been a serious debate on whether or not video games can offer real forms of gambling. Now is the perfect time to look at what exactly GTA Online is offering and why many feel it’s a form of gambling. Let’s get into it!

Casino Gambling in GTA Online Now Played With Real Money

Grand Theft Auto Online first launched in 2013. The game mode received mixed reviews from critics. In 2014, the game re-released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 and was once again plagued by technical issues. Developers began working on new ways to bring players in.

Recently, these developers added the Diamond Casino and Resort to GTA Online. It’s a virtual casino that allows players to wager in-game chips to receive things like new outfits and missions. These chips are purchased for real money.

You can also win more chips gambling in the game and continue to place wagers, much like you can in a real-life or online casino. The key difference is that you cannot withdraw these in-game chips for real money. This is the way that casino gambling in GTA is currently legal.

Nevertheless, many feel this game offers a real form of gambling. We’ve seen several countries take video-game gambling seriously. Just a few months ago, Belgium banned FIFA loot boxes on the grounds that they violated the country’s gambling laws.

More States Begin Regulating Online Casino Gambling

There’s clearly a debate raging about the legality of casino gambling in GTA Online. It doesn’t seem likely for US lawmakers to take action against this game. The US has been embracing the online gambling industry more than ever before. Four states now offer legal online casino gambling.

It’s great news for gambling fans in this country. There are more legal casino gaming options than ever before. Most recently, Pennsylvania began allowing land-based casinos to offer online gambling services. The Parx and Hollywood casinos both offer a wide range of different casino games over the internet.

This industry is already paying off for states. New Jersey is experiencing a massive increase in gambling revenue thanks to legal internet casino gambling. Even Nevada, which is home to many of the top land-based casinos in the country, is earnings millions from online casino gambling.

Many other states have pending legislation to regulate online casino gambling as well. Within a few years, it’s likely that most states will completely legalize and regulate this industry. Fortunately, there is a range of amazing internet casino gambling options in states that haven’t even begun regulating this form of gaming.

More Online Gambling Options in the US

The US is quickly emerging as one of the most lucrative online gambling markets in the world. Some of the top gambling sites based in Europe have begun operating here over the past decade. Most are available in every single state and offer both casino and sports betting options.

Competition is very high in the US online gambling market. As a result, most of the gambling websites that operate here work hard to provide players with the best possible experience. The majority of these sites also take strict measures to ensure all payments are safe.

You can head over to our US gambling sites page to find some of the best ones operating right now. Each one is unique and offers different gambling options. Make sure to find the one that offers the casino games and sports betting odds that are for you!

We’ll have to wait and see how lawmakers view casino gambling in GTA Online. As we mentioned earlier, based on the way the US is heading, it’s unlikely for this game to face any legal trouble. Make sure to stay tuned for updates as they come out!

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