Casinos in Chile Are Shutting Down Amid Protests

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For more than a week, Chile has been the center of massive protests. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have taken to the streets to protest against the inequality they face. This week, the government announced that casinos in Chile are being shut down as a result of these massive protests.

These are proving to be some of the biggest political protests in Chilean history. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly caused this social unrest. We’ll also be looking at why the government decided to shut down the country’s casinos. Let’s get into it!

Protests in Chile: What’s Causing Them?

In mid-October, Chile’s government announced an increase in subway fares by 4%. As a result, a huge number of student protesters jumped over the subway railing to avoid paying the increased fares. Police showed up. Before long, violence escalated.

This did not settle well with locals Chileans, many of whom have been voicing their disapproval of the country’s inequality for years. Thousands of individuals began taking to the streets to protest Chile’s higher living costs and lowering wagers. The demonstrations began on October 18th and have continued on for more than a week.

The proposed subway fare hike has been shut down, yet many are now calling for broader political reforms in Chile. As of now, 18 individuals have been confirmed dead in the unrest. Things don’t appear to be slowing down. More violent protests are continuing.

The government has recently decided to shut down all casinos in Chile. It’s unlikely to have much of an impact, however, as not many individuals are choosing to gamble here right now.

Casinos in Chile Are All Shut Down

Chile has a large and successful gambling scene. Many land-based casinos are operating around this country. This week, lawmakers announced that all casinos in Chile were shutting down.

The government believes that this decision will help to protect players and workers. just a couple of months ago, five individuals were shot and killed inside of a casino near the capital city of Santiago. Many are scared that in the current climate, casinos are at risk of being raided.

Owners of these casinos have not yet responded to the government shut down. It’s still unclear exactly how long these gambling establishments will be shut down. Hopefully, this unrest is cleared up soon and Chileans are given what they truly deserve.

Some analysts believe this situation will continue for weeks. In fact, this situation may just be getting started.

How Long Will These Protests Continue For?

To the government credit, they’ve attempted to settle things in their own ways. President Sebastian Pinera has agreed to raise the country’s minimum wage and is calling for many different reforms. None of these changes have been enough to stop what’s happening.

Protesters are now calling for major changes to living standards, health care, and education. At the moment, Chile ranks near the top of countries with the highest rates of inequality.

Chile’s national police force has already detained more than 2,800 people involved in the protests. Reports of torture and shooting at civilians have also come up.

Chile isn’t a complete stranger to major protests. In 2016 and 2017, demonstrations took place in Santiago. This time around, protests are taking place all around the country.

Casinos in Chile are all shut down. There are a number of online gambling sites in Chile that are currently available. For now, these are the only legal avenue to place wagers here.

How long do you think these protests will continue for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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