CBS Sports and William Hill Agree on New Sports Betting Partnership

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This week started off with a bang as a major announcement shook the sports betting landscape with one of the world’s largest sportsbooks William Hill entering into a partnership with CBS Sports Digital.

For William Hill, this is another step toward becoming America’s leading sportsbook and sports betting operator. The company already has numerous sportsbooks and partnerships to make it a powerhouse within the industry. However, this new partnership with CBS Sports gives William Hill a massive advantage over its rivals.

CBS also benefits from this new partnership as they will be able to offer their 80 million subscribers something different than their rivals and possibly even grow their number of followers.

What Are the Details of This New Partnership?

The two entities have entered into a multiyear deal, but most of the parameters for this partnership have not been released as of yet. It was reported that William Hill will pay CBS Sports a fee to have access to the massive digital platform and the 80 million subscribers. However, the amount that William Hill will pay is unknown.

For William Hill they will now have access to the second largest sports entity in the United States when you include all of CBS Sports digital platforms, websites and apps. Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill US, commented on this new deal:

“We are excited about this partnership, with assets including mass-reach digital content products, one of the largest fantasy sports databases and platforms in the world, and leading sports television programming, which will allow us to expand the William Hill brand across America quickly and efficiently.”

For CBS Sports they benefit from William Hill’s longstanding success in the sports betting industry. With more and more states legalizing sports betting, CBS Sports wants to be on top of this explosive growth and become a leader in this new digital frontier.

CBS Sports Digital Executive Vice President and GM Jeffrey Gerttula stated as much when he joyfully commented on this exciting partnership:

“The power of our distribution, combined with the strength of our brands and the expertise of William Hill, has us well positioned to tap into the explosive growth of the legal sports betting industry in the U.S. Together, we will deliver even more value to this rapidly growing segment of sports fans.”

When Will This Partnership Begin?

CBS Sports announced that the new partnership will begin in March with an early stage of integration onto CBS’ digital platforms. This will be just in time for College Basketball’s tournament also known as “March Madness” or “The Big Dance.”

Other than the Super Bowl, March Madness is the most popular time of the year for sports betting. So, both parties wanted to get something going by this event even if it’s not all of the bells and whistles. Ultimately, the goal is to have William Hill fully integrated by football season, which is in six months if you don’t include the XFL.

Will This New Deal Include CBS TV Programming?

As of now, it’s unclear when CBS will include William Hill’s sports betting data on their TV programming. The goal is to implement the betting lines on CBS’ live coverage of various sports events like basketball and football games, but the network hasn’t acknowledged when it will start.

With the major TV networks shifting toward embracing sports betting, CBS could get ahead of its competitors through this new partnership with William Hill.

About William Hill

William Hill is an international gaming and sports betting powerhouse. When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned PASPA and put the onus on each individual state to legalize sports betting, William Hill shifted their focus to expanding in the United States, which is when they created William Hill US.

Currently, William Hill US operates sportsbooks in Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New Mexico, Indiana, Mississippi and Iowa. They have agreements to open up more sportsbooks in states that are on the verge of legalizing sports betting.

Additionally, William Hill will operate a sportsbook inside the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. and already have various partnerships with professional sports leagues like the NHL.

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