Colorado Still Aiming for May 1st Release of Sports Betting

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Colorado Sign Points Bet Sports Betting

For those eagerly awaiting legalized sports betting in the state of Colorado the countdown clock is officially ticking. With the launch set for May 1st, it’s now less than one month before sports betting will be ushered out and go live in the state.

That’s the plan as of now. However, there could still be those last minute changes or snags, but for the time being it’s looking promising.

Not Following the State-Run Platform

Where the system will be different in Colorado is that sports-betting isn’t going to be state-run like is the case in other places.

Instead, the Limited Gaming Control Commission has gone ahead and granted 32 sports betting licenses for such platforms as William Hill, Penn Sports Interactive, Circa Sports, Rush Street Interactive, Roar Digital, and GeoComply.

Those licenses are on top of the 22 commercial casinos that have also gone ahead and applied for master licenses.

What’s creating the drive and sheer volume of competition in the state?

Much of it can be attributed to the 10% tax rate that Colorado has set, which is extremely operator-friendly in comparison to many of the other states that have legalized sports betting.

Bettors Will Be Treated to a Unique Experience

Besides the anticipation about sports betting going live on May 1st, there is also the fact that those in Colorado will be treated to a very “unique brand” of sports betting courtesy of PointsBet.

PointsBet is an Australian sportsbook operator who as of March 19th, was granted an all-important online sports betting license in the state. The license was granted by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, just like all the other licenses.

PointsBet has had its sights on Colorado since July 2019, when it first publicly announced its intentions. What this Internet Sports Betting Operator license allows the platform to do is offer online sports betting, but that’s it. It has to be conducted online. The sports betting site must also be partnered with a land-based casino.

So, why check out PointsBet?

It’s got a rather unique variety of sports betting options. This includes things like being able to bet on the amount of points a team actually wins by among other things. It just adds another layer, or variable to sports betting which can make it more engaging and competitive.

As for the partner casino PointsBet has joined with – that would be DoubleEagle Casino.

As for its presence in other states, you can also find PointsBet in Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Illinois, and then Michigan likely later in the year.

Sports Betting Enthusiasts Anxiously Wait

For now, it seems sports betting enthusiasts in the state of Colorado will need to continue showing patience, but the good news is that it shouldn’t be much longer.

Considering conversations and moves to legalize sports betting have been going on for so long now, one month hardly seems like that big of deal in the grand scheme of things.

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