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Conor McGregor Gets New UFC Deal, Highlights From UFC 229

Thursday was a big day for the UFC, and an even bigger day for Conor McGregor. The sport’s most popular and successful superstar not only held a presser with his opponent, but he also signed a new deal with the company. According to a report by ESPN, McGregor signed a 6 fight deal with the UFC. Theoretically, the 6 fights could keep McGregor with the company until at least 2024. Financial details of this new contract weren’t made public. However, there was one major detail form this new deal that has been made public – McGregor’s recently released alcohol Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey will be a sponsor for every UFC event that he’s a part of.

McGregor unveiled this whiskey earlier in the week. In a press release, McGregor made the following comments about this new venture:

“We created close to one hundred blends and ultimately selected what we knew was the one and only proper whiskey blend.  We took the time to develop an incredible whiskey and I’m excited to share it with the world. I respect other Irish whiskeys, but I am coming in strong, with passion and with purpose. I am the founder of this company and I am going to give it my all.”

In the UFC 229 presser, McGregor boldly stated that his whiskey’s logo would be on the canvas just like Nurmagomedov’s blood.

UFC 229: McGregor vs Nurmagomedov Presser

The above comments about Khabib’s blood being all over the canvas was just one example of McGregor’s microphone mastery at the UFC 229 press conference. Conor dropped several mic bombs that had everyone watching cracking up and fired up. McGregor is the best at selling a fight with his words and he certainly added the buzz that we were all waiting for. Some of his best quotes included:

“I just thank the Lord Jesus Christ that that man didn’t have the balls to step foot off that bus, or that the bus door did not open, because if that door did open, this man would be dead right now. He would be in a box and I would be in a cell and we would not have this great fight ahead of us.”

“I came back for the love of this, to come and shut this man up…a little rat…a little weasel…a little hard man in groups.”

McGregor raised the level of intensity and it certainly made things more enjoyable as Nurmagomedov is out of his league when confronting Conor in an interview or press conference. McGregor’s insistence on calling Khabib a “rat” was hilarious. And when he didn’t call him that, he also called Nurmagomedov a “fanboy.”

At times, McGregor could also be heard off the microphone telling Khabib that he’s a “dead man walking.” Normally, off-mic comments aren’t easily heard. But, at this presser, Dana White and the UFC decided to not allow fans inside the press conference. It was only open to the media.

McGregor put on a show that will probably be more entertaining than the fight itself. If Nurmagomedov gets his way, he will keep the fight on the canvas and wear down McGregor for 5 rounds. If Conor can dictate the fight, like he did this presser, then the main event at UFC 229 will be an outstanding contest.

To sum up McGregor’s microphone mastery at the UFC 229 presser, I direct you to one of the sport’s all-time greatest trash talkers Chael Sonnen as he declared

“This was amazing. This was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in mixed martial arts. Conor McGregor is in a class of his own.”

UFC 229 will be live on PPV from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 6th. The event has long been sold out. The UFC believes that this PPV could crack 2.5 million buys and set an all-time record.

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