CSGO Players of PGL Krakow Tournament Are Unhappy With The Provided Equipment

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The PGL Krakow Major is the second major for CS GO in 2017. The Majors are considered extremely prestigious and the ultimate tournament in the CS GO calendar. It’s not always about the money, however, as winning a major ensures that you have established your dominance in the CS GO scene. The previous major winners have all had eras ( however long or small ) during which they won their majors.

The tournament organizers for the Majors provide the equipment for the players to play on. The players are not allowed to use their own equipment ( except peripherals) due to the possibility of undetected cheats or unfair means. The provided equipment include the headsets, the monitor, the PC and gaming chairs. There are other benefits available to the players such as pick up from the airport, Hotel room etc.

PGL Krakow is set to start in a few hours. The players and the team management have all arrived at Krakow, Poland. However, the players seem to be unhappy with the equipment provided by PGL at the Major. PGL is hosting a CS GO Major for the first time. While they have a lot of experience in hosting Dota2 tournaments and majors, their CSGO experience is largely limited.

Equipment Specifications at PGL Krakow:

  • Last Generation i5
  • GTX 1080
  • 240 Hz monitors

These are some good configurations for the average casual player. However the professionals are usually habituated to a much better performing configuration.

Here are a few tweets by the players complaining about PGL’s setup:

FPS Issues

The biggest problem for the players is the FPS that they are able to achieve in a game. The players get below 200 FPS, which is considered low especially since the equipment that they use for streaming / playing professional matches back home perform much better than these PC. CS GO is a first person shooter game and Frames per second form a big part of how the game functions on their computers.

A 240 Hz monitor can only be used to its maximum potential when the FPS achieved by the CPU is 240 or more. However with the setup provided by PGL ( as mentioned above) has been below the expectations for the players. Some even mention that the FPS is below 200, which is quite low for players used to FPS around 300.

Refresh Rates are different from Frame Rates. Refresh Rates are related to the monitors, while Frame rates depend on the CPU. Having a 240 Hz display will not guarantee you a 240 FPS. So while the 240 Hz monitors are definitely top of the class, they are not able to perform to their optimal level simply because the CPU does not perform at a similar level.

But How Does This Affect Your Game?

Screen tearing happens due to mismatched timings between the GPU draw frame speed and the monitor refresh rate. In other words, it means that your monitor cannot keep up with how quickly frames are being drawn from the GPU, causing two incomplete images from the GPU being drawn on the monitor in one instance.

Lower FPS definitely affects the aim and the overall result for the top teams in the match. It will definitely affect their gameplay and the players have to adjust their aim and sometimes even their screen resolutions in order to accommodate the change in equipment. There will be considerable lag in the screen view.

esports Needs a Players Union

This problem can be solved by the creation of a Player Union. A player union can communicate with the Tournament organizers. This can help eliminate such a mismatch in the equipment, hotel stay, transport etc.

SirScoots who is a well known and respected personality in CS GO and esports, in general, has always offered his help in the creation of a players union. He was instrumental in helping Sean Gares during a recent controversy.

There have been several talks about a player’s union, however, no concrete steps have been taken in that direction. With such repeated disappointments with the equipment and player hospitality (in other tournaments) we do hope that a players union is given serious thought.

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