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Ryan Schimpf and 7 Daily Fantasy Baseball Targets For Tuesday Night

Tuesday is a very interesting slate for daily fantasy baseball leagues, as DFS gamers are likely going to be forced to make a tough call: Max Scherzer or Coors.

The big bats could be tough to stack up at Coors, as the top Dodgers and Rockies players are understandably quite pricey again tonight, but things could be just as tantalizing in the arm department, where Mad Max is over $13k on DraftKings.

If you want to win all of the money in a giant daily fantasy baseball GPP tonight, perhaps you need to figure out how to combine the two.

Whether you’re fading one or the other or somehow getting them on the same team, you’re going to need some value somewhere. That’s where we come in, as we point out our favorite cheap play at DraftKings. Here’s our top pick at each major position for Tuesday night:

SP: Seth Lugo – Mets ($4.1k)

There is actually a lot to get excited about in terms of value pitching tonight. Rich Hill could be in a danger zone in Colorado, but he’s just $7k, while Zach Greinke has some of the best stuff in the league and gets a positive park shift when he takes on the Giants in San Francisco (also cheap at $8.3k).

The value doesn’t stop there, either, but it’s safe to say no dive is more interesting than Seth Lugo, who will once again start in place of Steve Matz.

Lugo actually was quite strong in his recent start, as he was able to pile on 22 DK points despite exiting the game early with a calf issue. He improved upon his 10-fantasy point outing in his first start and tonight is at home in a top-10 pitchers park.

Even better, is he draws a slouching Marlins offense that no longer has the power of Giancarlo Stanton. They’ve been touch and go lately, too, going just 5-5 over their last 10 and failing to score even three runs in four of their last five outings.

Lugo obviously is risky, but at this price he’s worth the gamble – especially to allow you to pair him up with an elite arm (like Max).

C: Nick Hundley – Rockies ($3.6)

Cheap exposure to Coors is simply the tops. Hundley is a fine price, mashes lefties, brings some power to the table and provides fantastic overall value at a position that can be truly volatile.

Gary Sanchez is the knee-jerk play these days, but he has a negative park shift away from Yankee Stadium. I still love him because he’s ablaze and mashes just about everything, but if you need to save some coin, Hundley is a good option.

1B: Eric Hosmer – Royals ($3.3k)

First base is loaded and is absolutely a spot to pay up at, but if you want to save some cash and still want a fairly safe play with upside, Hosmer might be your guy.

Not only have the Royals come alive lately, but Hosmer is once again wielding a powerful bat and providing some consistency. He’s offered up at least one hit in 7 of his last 10 games, while registering 10+ fantasy points in four of those outings.

He’s not always the best option, but he’s cheap, has been fairly consistent and even has some pop to get excited about. He even boasts a positive splits matchup against a right-handed hurler tonight.

2B: Ryan Schimpf – Padres ($3.8k)

Normally a showdown with Julio Teheran on the road wouldn’t be a target matchup, but Ryan Schimpf is ablaze right now and Julio, well, simply is not.

Teheran has been clobbered lately, giving up 11 hits an two jacks in his last outing, while getting slapped around for at least five hits and three runs in each of his last three trips to the mound.

On top of Julio’s personal struggles, Schimpf comes in with positive splits against righties (wOBA of .419) and has put up at least 10 fantasy points in four straight games.

It’s true Schimpf could fall off at anytime, but the situation is in his favor and this just doesn’t feel like the night he’d burn you. He’s too good of a value to pass up at this price, regardless.

3B: Rob Segedin – Dodgers ($3k)

In the event you can’t (or won’t) pay up for Josh Donaldson’s home run parade, consider dropping down to another friendly (and cheap) Coors option.

Segedin has the better matchup that fellow Coors mate Hundley tonight, plus he rips up left-handed pitching. He hasn’t exactly blown the hinges off in limited duty, but he has been fairly reliable (batting .295 with 2 homers and 12 RBI). Tossing him into Coors at least gives you a power boost and the matchup is favorable.

SS: Ronald Torreyes – Yankees ($2.9k)

Torreyes has been a risky play just because he can randomly not be active, but all the numbers point to him being a fine value tonight if he starts against the Royals in Kansas City.

Torreyes has positional versatility and brings the splits edge to the table, seeing as he’s mashing righties right now and Edinson Volquez is about as volatile a pitcher as you’ll find.

Torreyes has also been surprisingly reliable at DK lately, as he’s churned out 7+ fantasy points in 5 of his last 10 games. He can be hit or miss, but you won’t find many better options at this price. Corey Seager is out tonight, too, so punting the SS position may not be the worst idea.

OF: Carlos Beltran – Rangers ($3.6k)

Anytime you can get exposure to Rangers who provide power and do it at a discounted price, you need to at least consider it.

That’s certainly the case tonight, when the hard-hitting Beltran is too cheap to ignore and even comes in rather hot (five hits and a homer in his last two games). He can be hit or miss, so it’s anyone’s guess how long this current hot streak lasts. Perhaps that’s reason enough to get in on him on Tuesday, especially with a favorable splits edge against lefty, James Paxton.

Paxton is not necessarily an “easy” matchup, but he wasn’t great his last time out and a trip into Texas can be scary for even the toughest arms. Beltran is undoubtedly worth a shot tonight, with all things considered.

Oh, Arizona’s A.J. Pollack also remains insanely cheap ($2.8k) and recently had a monster outing. He is facing Johnny Cueto on the road, however.

These are just a handful of the many possible options in front of you tonight. Love/hate our picks? Got some picks of your own for Tuesday’s daily fantasy baseball action? Let us hear all about it in the comments below!

Kevin Roberts

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