Chris Davis and 7 Daily Fantasy Baseball Value Buys For Friday, 7/15

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MLB returns on Friday night, as we get the second half of the year going following the All-Star break.

It was only one week, but it felt like forever, as we had to do without daily fantasy baseball for a good stretch.

Luckily DFS is back in full force with some sweet GPP action at DraftKings, while we get some elite arms and beastly bats at our disposal. Finding the right mix will surely be the difference between cashing or missing out on winnings tonight, but if you have your eye on some high-priced options, we’ll try to help you finalize your roster with some solid value plays.

Here’s a cheap option to consider in daily fantasy baseball tonight at each major position at DK:

SP: James Paxton – Mariners ($7.8k)

Madison Bumgarner is probably the top arm to own on the night, but Paxton is a good guy to pair with him (or another elite pitcher) if you’re strapped for cash.

Paxton gets a home date with the Astros, who strikeout as much as anyone (4th in MLB) and specifically struggle against left-handed pitching (second worst in the league at .226).

On top of the favorable matchup, Paxton is a solid price and is at home in a game his Mariners are likely to win. He’s shaping up as a logical value play tonight.

C: Salvador Perez – Royals ($3.5k)

I honestly would almost walk blindly into tonight with Perez, as he’s a masher at value and has poured in at least 8 fantasy points in each of his last four games.

This is an even better play when you look at the matchup, though, as Perez has flat out owned Justin Verlander in 46 plate appearances, garnering 22 hits, two homers and a blistering .478 average.

It’s possible Perez doesn’t get the job tonight, but the value, upside and matchup make him a pretty awesome try. This is especially the case on a night where the perceived top options (Posey and McCann) are over-priced.

1B: Chris Davis – Orioles ($3.7k)

I’m sure you can find a few cheaper first basemen tyou wouldn’t mind using, and they wouldn’t be facing a hurler with upside like Chris Archer.

Archer has been good recently, but on the year he’s been quite disappointing and I’m not about to scoff at Crush when he’s so cheap. Crush always offers insane upside with his power, plus tonight he has a positive splits matchup (he mashes righties).

To top it off, Davis is at his best in 2016 when on the road (10 fantasy points per game) and he’s already rocked Tampa Bay on the year (10 fantasy ppg in 9 meetings). I’m all in on Crush at this price.

2B: Gordon Beckham – Braves ($3k)

For what it’s worth, Robinson Cano is my favorite play at second base tonight, as he’s at home, can mash it and gets a solid matchup with good splits.

He’s not exactly cheap, though (although his price isn’t awful), so you may need some extra value. You might find it in Beckham, who carries some smack in his bat and is part of an ATL bunch that has not been atrocious lately.

Beckham has 11+ fantasy points in each of his last two outings, has positional versatility and brings positive splits to a plus matchup at home against the beatable Jorge De La Rosa. Beckham is a risk, but he’s cheap and there is a good amount of upside to be had here.

3B: Martin Prado – Marlins ($3.7k)

I do not love the value at third base tonight at all. I strongly suggest either paying up here, or maybe using Cano at second and then playing Beckham at this spot on DK.

That being said, Prado is probably my next best bet, as he’s a solid price and comes into the second half of the year a little bit on fire. He capped the first half of the year with three straight 10+ fantasy point outings and overall in 2016 has enjoyed a consistent, steady season.

The power is lacking and he’s on the road against a capable pitcher in Jaime Garcia, but there’s also good news here. For one, Garcia has imploded quite a bit this year, plus Prado is a steady hitter with solid splits. He’s also batting second in the order, so he’s worth a try when you take a look at the overall picture tonight.

SS: Brad Miller – Rays ($3.8k)

I’m mostly interested in Manny Machado tonight, but if you’re looking to save a bit, give Miller a try.

He’s been exhibiting his power more lately, and while he’s still not the most reliable hitter, he’s powered in four dongs in his last 10 games.

There is serious upside here with Miller’s power, but it’s also nice that he has positive splits and is at home against a very beatable Yovani Gallardo.

OF: Jayson Werth – Nationals ($3.6k)

Werth is one of my favorite value plays of the night, as he has a sick wOBA of .439 against left-handed pitchers. He’s also at home against a Francisco Liriano that has been a shell of himself this year.

Werth can be shaky at times, but the matchup is very good by the numbers and he brings serious power to the table. He’s also been pretty reliable lately, finding a way to notch at least seven fantasy points in 7 of his last 10 outings.

That’s actually awesome for a guy who is largely only known for his power. He’s been getting balls high and out lately, too, so a homer feels quite possible tonight.

Got some value plays of your own you love for Friday night? Let us hear about them in the comments section!

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