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It’s finally here. Daily Fantasy Basketball hath returned and we can all join in on the fun on Tuesday night, when the NBA showcases some of its top stars in the first three games of the 2015-16 NBA season.

We’re getting in on the DFS action in the basketball world this year, as we’ll be taking a look at the top bargains at DraftKings on the two biggest days of the daily fantasy basketball week – Wednesday and Friday.

This week is special, though, since the league starts the new year on Tuesday. So, let’s not waste time talking about our content schedule and start looking at some of the best value picks we can use to piece together the perfect roster. Each week we’ll do a little of both, as we’ll dissect the top value buys and then offer our optimal lineup for that day.

For Tuesday’s daily fantasy basketball picks, read on:

Note: All value buy picks are at or below $6k at DraftKings.

Point Guards: Mo Williams – Cavs ($4.9k), Nate Robinson – Pellies ($3k)

With Kyrie Irving out to start the year, Mo Williams is a crazy value. He isn’t likely to go quite as nuts at the point as he did last year, due to LeBron James racking up dimes, too. However, he could easily match the value of every other PG not named Steph Curry on Tuesday night, so he’s going to be a must-use guard.

You could make a strong case for Nate Rob being in all lineups, too. Jrue Holiday is on a strict 15-minute cap right now and both Tyreke Evans and Norris Cole are out with injuries. Robinson is going to get a ton of run and we all know the dude can score. At the minimum price, he really only needs 12 fantasy points to return value. Using Mo and Nate together opens your roster up to big things.

Shooting Guards: Eric Gordon – Pellies ($5.2k), Kyle Korver – Hawks ($4.9k), Tony Snell – Bulls ($3k)

With the Pelicans hurting so bad at the point, that gives Gordon a shot to not only hoist more attempts, but also create more than we’re used to seeing. His assist and points numbers should be solid on opening night, and his price should have him returning really nice value. New Orleans needs him to get involved early and often if they want any chance of taking down the Warriors at Oracle Arena.

Korver is less enticing than Gordon due to his inconsistency, but both players are pretty erratic and Korver is cheaper. He’s also the more reliable shooter and Atlanta makes him a pretty big part of their offense usually. He also has positive home splits and has had moderate success against Detroit. He’s probably not going to explode for you, but he’s pretty safe and reliable.

Snell is the interesting value, as he’s the minimum price and is starting for Chicago while Mike Dunleavy nurses a back injury. He’s displayed a pretty versatile offensive skill-set in the past couple of years and with Derrick Rose banged up and LeBron James almost certainly on Jimmy Butler, there’s a real chance to ends up getting some solid production. It’s fair to wonder if he’s one of those guys that starts and plays like 12 minutes, though.

Small Forwards: Harrison Barnes – Warriors ($4.6k), Marcus Morris – Pistons ($4.5k), Andre Iguodala – Warriors ($4.3k)

Barnes is pretty hit or miss, but he can explode in any matchup and is a solid price. He hasn’t been amazing against the Pelicans, but he probably wouldn’t sink you, either. The same goes for Iggy, who is cheaper but probably the inferior offensive player. Iggy also comes off the bench and was oddly used much more in the playoffs than he was during the regular season.

Morris is starting so he’s the better pick between him and a similarly priced Stanley Johnson, while he’s probably the safest SF of them all. That is, for the guys not named LeBron James. This is a horrid position for Tuesday night, so with Jame saying he’s a full go, you might want to pay up for LeBron and fade all other small forwards on this slate.

Power Forwards: Ersan Ilyasova – Pistons ($5.7k), Ryan Anderson – Pellies ($5k), Tristan Thompson – Cavs ($4.6k), Taj Gibson – Bulls ($3.9k)

Power forward is a pretty loaded position, but you may want to go the contrarian route and find a cheap big guy you can rely on – especially with everyone using Anthony Davis at PF and no one really wanting to confide in SF. That should have you circling back to one of these guys.

Ilysasova leads the pack just because he’s the only guy here that is starting. He’s pretty explosive in terms of what he can do for you, as he can shoot, hit three’s, rebound and even get steals. He can really do it all, and while he hasn’t crushed versus the Hawks, he’s in a pretty nice role and he could matchup well in this one.

I can see why you’d fear Ersan’s inconsistent, though, which is why you may look to go cheaper. Rando is the next guy up and he may be a great option since New Orleans is completely ravaged down low. It’s pretty much just him, Brow and freaking Kendrick Perkins. So one way or another, Anderson is going to get minutes and he could produce, although the matchup is brutal on the road.

Even cheaper we go, as we drop down to Thompson and Gibson. Thompson is the better play of the two, as he can backup two positions and is going to be one of the first guys off the bench. He’s not an offensive threat, which is what holds him back, but he rebounds like crazy and gets hustle numbers when he’s on (blocks, steals, etc). Gibson can do all that as well and is way cheaper, but he’s got a stack job in Chicago, as Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah and Nikola Mirotic all should get minutes ahead of him. He could be worth a shot, though, as he can explode at any time.

Centers: Timofey Mozgov – Cavs ($4.6k), Kendrick Perkins – Pellies ($3k)

Center is a disaster for the most part beyond Andre Drummond and Al Horford. I’d consider Joakim Noah at $6k, but he’s probably not even starting and we have no idea what his role will be this year. That scares me, and then there is Andrew Bogut, who could be needed but isn’t 100% and can really go spare at the worst times.

That has me loving “Mozgod” who can really eat up the boards, block shots and get easy buckets. This is a fine enough matchup for him and he’s a good guy to use if you’re fading Horford and Drums. Perkins is a total throw-in, but he’s the minimum and the Pellies are so banged up that he might start and get a good amount of run. That could have him happening into rebounds and some other stats, if only by accident.

Optimal Lineup For Tuesday, 10/27

PG: Mo Williams – Cavs ($4.9k)

Williams is going to have a nice role as long as Kyrie Irving is out and he could threaten for 30 fantasy points on Tuesday. That makes him a near must-use option.

SG: Eric Gordon – Pelicans ($5.2k)

With the Pellies so depleted, it’s really hard to turn down a guy who can hit the three and should have the ball in his hands a lot. A game with 15-20 points and 5-6 assists is very possible.

SF: Marcus Morris – Pistons ($4.5k)

Morris is the definition of inconsistent but he’s a pretty versatile forward that can shoot outside and get rebounds. He’s starting and that alone gives him value. I only feel comfortable fading LeBron because he’s been banged up and could see his minutes lowered, but it’s certainly worth noting he’s absolutely destroyed the Bulls.

PF: Anthony Davis – Pelicans ($10.4k)

I have to get The Brow on most of my teams on Tuesday, so naturally he makes his way onto my Optimal lineup. He wrecked against Golden State last year and with so many injuries on his team’s roster already, he should wreck again on opening night.

C: Timofey Mozgov – Cavs ($4.6k)

Mozgod can be hit or miss but he is starting and can easily get you 10 and 10 with a block or two. His upside for the price is worth the dive.

G: Nate Robinson – Pelicans ($3k)

Robinson is what makes this roster possible. I don’t love using two Pelicans guards but he should see some solid time and can score in bunches.

F: Paul Millsap – Hawks ($7.7k)

Thrillsap actually is just OK against the Pistons over the past year, but 30 fantasy points (what he’s averaged vs. them) will be just fine on this roster.

Util: Stephen Curry – Warriors ($9.5k)

I’m loving the idea of pairing Curry/Brow, as they’ve owned each other’s team lately and they also close out the night at Oracle Arena. If the other picks pan out, it will surely be nice to have 2 of the night’s 3 best players carrying you to come cash.

I tend to lean towards 3-point guard lineups due to their ability to score in bunches, get steals, three’s and assists. They just carry more versatility and upside, so if you can get good ones, it’s worth doing. Two of them are sick values that help me pair Curry and The Brow, too. Test this lineup or a combination of it out on Tuesday night and be sure to come back every Wednesday and Friday as we get your ready for the two biggest nights of the daily fantasy basketball week – every week. Good luck on Tuesday!

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