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Did Mayweather Jr. Offer to Train Conor McGregor for UFC 229 Fight?

On Monday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. stunned fans and pundits when he publicly offered Conor McGregor the opportunity to train at his boxing gym. We all know the history between these two fighters, but Mayweather Jr. seems to respect something other than money these days – Conor “Notorious” McGregor.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Mayweather Jr. made the following offer to McGregor:

“I know that UFC has a training facility, but we’d like him to work at the Mayweather boxing club.”

Surprisingly, that’s not all Floyd had to say about McGregor. He continued to pay his respects to Conor, but came up just short of picking him to win his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229:

“From what I know, (Nurmagomedov is) a hell of a grappler, and he can wrestle. But you know, the fans want to see you stand up and fight. That’s what they want to see. But Conor McGregor’s a tough competitor. Conor McGregor’s not going to back down from anyone. He’s not scared. He’s a warrior.”

For those of us who have covered Mayweather Jr. for years, we know that he doesn’t often give praise or respect to other fighters, especially not former opponents that he defeated. But, Floyd sang Conor’s praises and that’s news in itself. The other tidbit to come out of these comments is Mayweather’s offer for Conor to use his boxing gym. If McGregor takes Floyd up on the offer, does that mean Mayweather Jr. will help to train Conor in some standup striking and defense?

Not only is there some McGregor love flowing from Money’s lips, but Floyd might also make an appearance at UFC 229 in Las Vegas on October 6th.

Conor already has the best standup game in the UFC. If he could learn a few tips from one of boxing’s all-time athletes, then McGregor would be foolish to turn that down. It would only serve to improve Conor’s fight skills and make him an even more dangerous combatant. Now, if he could only morph into a Gracie on the ground.

The Money Fight

“The Money Fight” took place almost one year ago exactly (Aug. 26, 2017), when Conor McGregor stepped inside a boxing ring to take on Floyd Mayweather Jr., who came out of retirement for this bout. The event sold out in minutes for the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. That came as no surprise, but what was a shocker was the amount of PPV buys that this fight drew. In the end, McGregor and Mayweather sold over 4.3 million PPVs making it one of the most popular PPV fights in history.

It’s believed that this fight generated over $600 million dollars with McGregor reportedly earning $100 million. Conor proved that he is a PPV star as he generated a massive buzz coming from the octagon to the boxing ring.

The fight lasted longer than many pundits and fans initially expected. Floyd won this bout via TKO in the 10th round. However, McGregor showed he had the heart to fight one of boxing’s legends and earned the respect from fans, critics and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

UFC 229: McGregor vs Nurmagomedov

As mentioned, UFC 229 takes place on October 6th. This will be McGregor’s first time inside the octagon in nearly 2 years, and his first fight since taking on Mayweather Jr. last year. Conor chose to come back and face the undefeated buzz saw Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC lightweight title, which McGregor formerly held before being stripped of it earlier this year.

This fight represents a clash of styles and it has MMA fans excited all over the world. Can McGregor, and his elite striking skills, take out the grappling guru Nurmagomedov?

Early betting odds have McGregor a sizeable underdog at +155. Khabib is a -175 favorite according to numerous online betting sites. Oddsmakers feel that McGregor doesn’t have the ability to survive on the ground and that he doesn’t have the stamina to go the distance.

Final thoughts on Mayweather’s offer

Nobody will ever confuse me as being a fan of Mayweather, but I believe that McGregor should take up Floyd on this offer. At least spend a few days or a week at Floyd’s gym. Conor can learn a few tips and polish some of his striking skills. It certainly can’t hurt his chances. We all know, including McGregor, that he needs a KO punch to win this fight and avoid being taken down to the mat at all costs. Despite what oddsmakers think, I’m still taking McGregor to win this fight.

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