DOJ Working to Dismiss Wire Act Challenge

The US Department of Justice is sticking to its guns. A number of states are working to fight against this group’s recent change to the Wire Act. Now, the DOJ is filing a motion to dismiss the Wire Act Challenge by New Hampshire.

There are many layers to this story. The DOJ is facing serious backlash by changing its stance on the Wire Act. Will this fight against various state’s legal challenges work out in the end?

DOJ’s New Wire Act Opinion in a Nutshell

The Wire Act has been the key piece of legislation that prohibits betting across state lines. It made it illegal to place wagers online in the United States. In 2011, the Department of Justice declared that the Wire Act online applied to sports betting.

To many, this was a sign that the US government was beginning to open the doors for online gambling. Unfortunately, things took a turn early this year. The DOJ once again changed its opinion on the Wire Act, this time claiming it encompassed all forms of internet gambling.

This is highly problematic for many states. Lawmakers began investigating whether or not any third party groups had an influence over the DOJ’s opinion. Some reports claim that Sheldon Adelson may have played a major role in the Wire Act change.

A number of states today offer online gambling services that cross state lines. New Hampshire, for instance, operates a highly successful online lottery service that earns the state upwards of $90 million every year. This state is now pursuing legal action against the DOJ.

Motion to Dismiss Wire Act Challenge from New Hampshire

Many analysts predict that the DOJ will change its stance. They extended the deadline for states to adhere to the new laws. Fifteen states are currently a part of legal disputes against this government body.

It appears that the DOJ is willing to put up a fight. New reports have come out that the group is filing a motion against the Wire Act challenge officially made by New Hampshire. The filing is requesting the District Court of New Hampshire to dismiss the case.

The DOJ is pointing out that the Wire Act allowed for 17 convictions to be made between 2005 to 2011. The group is also claiming that New Hampshire’s constitutional rights are not being infringed upon. A blanket prohibition on all gambling information across state lines is not being set in place, the DOJ states.

The courts will now decide whether or not to agree with the DOJ. Time will tell whether or not the case this group is making will be agreed upon.

Future of Online Gambling in the US

The US online gambling market is in a very strange position. On one hand, more states are beginning to legalize sports and online betting. On the other hand, the DOJ seems determined to stop the spread of iGaming across state lines.

The future of internet gambling in the country will depend heavily on the results of the Wire Act challenge. If states are successful, the DOJ may never have the ability to enforce the new opinion. If the laws are enforced, the online gambling industry in the country may struggle.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic online gambling sites available in the US right now. These sites provide a wide range of betting options on sports and casino games. Take a look at the different options and choose the one that’s right for you!

Do you think the Wire Act challenge will stand up in court? Will the DOJ enforce the changes to the Wire Act? Let us know in the comment section below!

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