DraftKings Creates Unique Sports Betting App for Iowans

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DraftKings is making a bold move in an attempt to get a leg up on the competition by offering a specialized mobile sports betting app for those in Iowa.

Sports betting is becoming a major industry, and while they aren’t the first company to offer a sports betting app, DraftKings hopes to excel is in the actually technology and promotions. The goal is to provide users with an exceptional interface that creates loyal and returning customers.

The app is now live, as it launched on Wednesday, so people can already sign up and test it out. The app was launched through DraftKings’ Wild Rose Casino sportsbook properties, which there are three casinos within Iowa.

Expanding Its Offerings

Originally, DraftKings started with just three casino locations in the cities of Clinton, Emmetsburg, and Jefferson. Now, with the mobile app, the sports betting giant hopes to extend its reach past the brick-and-mortar locations.

The idea is that the app makes it possible to reach more people since it can be accessed from mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. There’s no need for residents to have to leave the house and go to one of DK’s casino locations other than to complete the initial registration.

However, DraftKings’ casinos aren’t the only ones in the state, as there are 10 others and multiple apps to compete with for Iowan gaming dollars. The competition is going to be fierce among the sportsbooks.

Where DraftKings May Have Missed the Mark

While the app is certainly going to be a welcome addition to its casino portfolio in Iowa, where it may have missed the mark is in the timing.

Other casinos in Iowa have already been offering mobile sports betting apps for months now, which has given them a head start in building up a loyal following.

This may put added pressure on DraftKings since they are now going to need to tempt some of those players away from the apps they have already gotten used to.

There is one catch with these sports betting mobile apps. And, it’s not just DraftKings, but all sportsbook apps. Residents need to go to the actual casino property to create a mobile account and activate it for the first time.

This is part of the state law that was passed in Iowa last year. However, this mandate will remain in place until Jan. 1, 2021. Beginning next year, residents won’t have to be on-site to create a mobile account.

An Abundance of Promotions and Incentives

Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder and North American President, isn’t afraid of competition as he believes there’s plenty of room in Iowa for their app. Additionally, Kalish is confident that DraftKings has the best product available:

“It never hurts to have multiple options…We are all for more competition, and we feel we have the best product in the market. We want to compete for a decent-sized share of the pie.”

DraftKings isn’t resting on the company’s nationwide brand recognition. The sports betting and DFS powerhouse is loading up on the following promotions and incentives to encourage Iowans to check out their app:

  • Up to $1,000 worth in betting credits for new account holders
  • In-season promotions
  • Matching bets
  • Bonus rates
  • And more

For those that see themselves as more of a casual better, and aren’t doing it on a regular basis, they can take advantage of bets that start at just 10 cents. The goal is to give plenty of options and incentives to people, no matter what their sports betting preference or budget might be.

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