More Cities Begin Pushing to Host Japanese Casino-Resort

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Lawmakers in Japan are continuing their efforts to get the country’s casino industry up and running. Recently, several new cities have begun pushing for their chance to host a Japanese casino-resort. There are now eight areas in Japan interested in having one of these integrated resorts.

It’s exciting news for casino fans in Japan. Many cities now realize the tremendous revenue potential from hosting one of these gaming venues. Let’s look at which cities are requesting a casino and what companies may end up operating these gambling establishments.

Japan’s Casino Market Will Be Extremely Successful

For decades, Japan was thought of as one of the least gambling-friendly countries in the world. Lawmakers here banned virtually all forms of gambling aside from Mahjong. In 2018, government officials had a change of heart. These officials officially approved a bill that allows three casino-resorts to open here.

The government here finally realized that opening the country’s gambling industry would bring in millions of dollars. Despite the laws against it, many Japanese citizens chose to gamble either through underground venues or online. By legalizing casinos, the country can finally benefit from an activity that many locals seem to enjoy.

Lawmakers here are taking their time opening up the casino industry. First, three cities need government approval to host a gambling venue. The government will then choose three companies to run these casinos. The government is also working to come up with strict laws that help to prevent gambling addiction from becoming an issue here.

Most gambling analysts believe Japan will have an incredibly successful gambling industry. It’s no surprise that so many companies are working to obtain a gambling license here.

Eight Cities Now Express Interest in Hosting a Japanese Casino-Resort

Each of the three casino-resorts set to open in Japan are expected to bring in millions of dollars each month. These gambling venues will also help to bring in tourists from around the world. For this reason, several cities in Japan are now showing interest in hosting an integrated resort.

Initially, only Osaka and Tokyo showed much interest in hosting one of these casinos. Many other cities feared that a casino would bring in crime. Things have changed in recent months. Now, eight different cities are interested in hosting a Japanese casino-resort.

Hokkaido, Chiba, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Wakayama, and Nagasaki are all working to gain government approval for one of these casinos. The Japanese Tourism Agency will conduct interviews with officials in these cities.

As of now, Tokyo, Okaka, and Yokohama seem the most likely to open a gambling venue. Several major companies claim these are the most lucrative cities for a casino. The government is expected to recognize this, as well.

US Companies Continue Working For a Casino License in Japan

Every major US casino operator wants to break into the Japanese casino market. Any company likely granted a license here will earn millions of dollars a month. As you might expect, the top US casino companies are working hard to obtain one of these licenses.

MGM Grand is working particularly hard to break into this market. Earlier this year, MGM gained an MLB sponsorship during the MLB’s opening series in Tokyo. Company officials have been meeting with officials in Japan’s government for months.

Las Vegas Sands is also in the running for one of these casinos. Initially, the Sheldon Adelson-owned company claimed it wanted to open a casino in Osaka. LVS recently changed its mind and is now working to gain a casino license in either Tokyo or Yokohama.

It’s still anyone’s guess which of these companies will be granted a gambling license. The government is spending time figuring out which cities should be permitted to host a Japanese casino-resort.

Let us know which companies you believe will gain a casino license in the comments section below!

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