FanDuel Group to Add Live Sports Streams With Betting Odds in US

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FanDuel will soon offer live sports broadcasts in addition to odds on its mobile app and website. This will be part of an expanded deal with Sportradar AG, a Swiss media and data giant. Multiple outlets have reported that the sports betting powerhouse, FanDuel Group, will be the first operator in the United States to pair live games with betting odds. And, all of this will be done within their app with live streams and real-time odds.

More Details About This Announcement

The streamed sports will be fairly limited at the beginning to European football (soccer) and tennis. However, it’s expected to grow quickly. FanDuel officials think that offering both streaming and betting on a game all in one platform will pull in more business. In some places like Europe, the interest in gambling can triple with the operator offering odds along with live video streams of a game.

According to Bloomberg, Niall Connell—the GM of FanDuel Sportsbook—commented on the significance of this new venture:

If you’re betting on something, you tend to want to watch the outcome of it. It’d be a bit like betting on a horse race but not being able to see the actual race at all. Plus, a lot of this tennis content is matches that aren’t on terrestrial TV.

The Current Deal

FanDuel doesn’t have exclusive access to these games here in the United States, so competitions like DraftKings or William Hill could make the same kind of deal with Sportradar. While that might happen, Connell expects that FanDuel will at least experience the benefits of being first. It remains to be seen as to how many sports the app will cover with live video stream. Furthermore, it gets more complicated in the United States as different professional sports leagues have different exclusive contracts with other media entities.

Other FanDuel News

Not all news has been good in regards to FanDuel. Over the last few days, various outlets have been reporting that FanDuel will now charge inactive fantasy sports accounts a fee of $3 per month. According to Engadget, the following is a snippet of the official statement that FanDuel sent to its customers:

Users are free to withdraw their funds at no cost at any time. The fee only applies to accounts with no activity for a period of two years. The fee is only $2.99 per month (not a forfeiture of the entire account balance). We will not initiate the fee for 30 days.

As you can see, this fee only applies to accounts that have been inactive for at least two years. Additionally, inactive members can become active again within the next 30 days in order to not be charged any fees.

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