FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania Launches

One of the biggest daily fantasy sports sites in the world is expanding more into the sportsbook industry. News is being reported that FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is finally here. It comes at an interesting time, with many states currently fighting the DOJ over changes to the Wire Act.

This is extremely exciting news for sports betting fans in Pennsylvania. More companies are moving into the US online gambling scene, and it may not be long before all of the top internet gambling companies in the world are available here. Let’s take a quick look at why FanDuel’s sportsbook is expanding, and what the future of the US online gambling industry looks like.

Reasons for FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania

Over the past year, a number of states have begun legalizing and regulating the online gambling industry. Today, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and more all have online sportsbooks operating within their borders. Even more states currently allow online casino games.

As a result of this liberalization towards online gaming, a number of major companies have begun moving into the US market. FanDuel opened up an online sportsbook in 2018 after joining forces with European-based Paddy Power. They immediately began offering betting odds inside New Jersey.

Pennsylvania began allowing online gambling in early 2019. It seemed inevitable that major gambling companies would quickly move into the state. It’s important to note that FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania will only be offering odds inside the Valley Forge Casino Resort. The company plans to launch a mobile sports betting platform this summer.

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek made the ceremonial first bet. Fans of sports betting in the state now have access to some amazing odds on a wide variety of different sports.

Updates to the DOJ Wire Act Opinion Change

If you’re a fan of online gambling, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the DOJ changing its opinion on the Wire Act. They declared that all forms of online gambling in the US are illegal, and all online gaming operators in the country need to comply with the new laws. States with legalized iGaming are obviously pushing back.

We’ve been covering this news extensively. Today, 15 different states are part of a legal battle against the DOJ. There’s optimism that these states have enough power to have this new opinion overturned.

This scenario is looking more likely than ever. The US Department of Justice has already extended its deadline for companies to adhere to the new laws. States will argue in courts that their economy would lose out on millions of dollars every month if online gambling is banned.

The entire DOJ Wire Act court battles could go on for months, possibly even more. Based on the number of states involved, it’s very likely that the DOJ will be forced to rethink its current Wire Act stance.

Details on the FanDuel Expansion into Pennsylvania

This company’s daily fantasy sports platform is booming here. In January, the DFS site earned $998,218. It makes sense that FanDuel is looking to move into this market even more with a traditional sports betting platform.

As we mentioned earlier, FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is currently only available inside a casino. It’s actually the sixth land-based sportsbook currently available in the state.

It’s unclear when FanDuel’s online sportsbook will launch here. Vice President of Retail Design for FanDuel, Keith Wall, commented on the move by stating

“We just have to wait and see about the competition.” He told the media. “We feel we have the market-leading product, and we’re going to vie for that top spot in Pennsylvania.”

It’s a good sign that FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is finally here. This company isn’t letting some dubious laws set by a questionable government body stop them from providing a service that people love.

Are you excited about FanDuel expanding into Pennsylvania? When will the Wire Act court battles end? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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