The First Sportsbooks in North Dakota are Set to Go Live Soon

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  • More than half of the United States now has a legal, regulated sports betting industry set in place. 
  • The first sportsbooks in North Dakota are expected to go live in January, pending approval. 
  • Dakota Magic Casino has just revealed plans to open one of the first sportsbooks in the state. 

It’s taken longer than some expected, yet North Dakota is finally embracing sports betting. Several Native American-run casinos around the state are now preparing to launch sportsbooks. Today, we’ll talk about where exactly the first sportsbooks in North Dakota are going live.

It’s an exciting time for sports fans in the state. Many here are now questioning what other sports betting options are set to become available in the future.

Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s Where the First Sportsbooks in North Dakota are Going Live

North Dakota is not typically thought of as a major gambling hub. All of the state’s regulated gambling options are run by Native American tribes. For years, the various tribal groups in the state have been calling on lawmakers to allow sports betting.

Several bills to legalize sports betting in North Dakota have been presented after PASPA’s removal in 2018. These bills have differed, yet all have called for sports betting to be allowed inside licensed casinos. HB 1234 failed to get approved this year, despite its backing from several major politicians in the state.

It now seems that tribes are ready to take things into their own hands. Several have begun building sportsbooks inside their various casinos. The Dakota Magic Casino announced this week that it plans to open a “Las Vegas-style” sportsbook with large televisions screens, leather seats, and drink services.

The goal is for this sportsbook to launch in January. In order for that to happen, the casino will need to gain formal approval from the state’s gaming commission. All signs point to this taking place within the next couple of weeks.

The first sportsbooks in North Dakota seem to be on the brink of opening. We’ll be sure to offer updates as soon as these retail sportsbooks go live. Now is a great time to look at some of the nearby states preparing to legalize sports betting, as well.

More Midwestern States Prepare to Launch Sportsbooks

North Dakota is just one of many states in the Midwest preparing to get its sports betting industry off the ground. This region is slowly turning into a sports betting hub. It seems likely that several other states in this area of the country will formally approve measures to legalize sports gambling within the next few months.

Minnesota is one state that appears on the brink of sports betting legalization. A group of lawmakers here have revived the push for this to happen before the end of 2021. Sen Roger Chamberlain, R-Lino Lakes, is one lawmaker who supports this move.

“You work hard for your money, and if you want to place a little money in support of your favorite team, you shouldn’t have to drive to Iowa or use an international gambling app to do it,” Chamberlain said.

Many are hopeful to see Kansas legalize sports betting next year. Several sports gambling bills have been presented here over the years and many expect a comprehensive measure to allow both land-based and online sports betting to get passed in 2022.

It won’t be long before nearly every state in the country has legal sports betting options available. Stay tuned for revenue reports from the states with regulated sportsbooks up and running as the year goes on.

2021 Proves to be the Best Year in History for the US Gambling Industry

At the start of 2021, the American Gaming Association published a report, claiming that this year would be the best in history for the US gambling industry. This group pointed toward the large increases in tourism to major casino hubs as a reason for this success. The expansion of legal sports betting was also a driving factor.

The AGA’s report has proven to be correct. 2021 has been a landmark year for the entire US gambling industry. Several states around the country have broken their all-time casino and sports betting revenue records on several occasions.

Major casino destinations such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City continue to see massive surges of tourism leading into the holidays. It’s a welcome development when considering how dire the situation was for these cities last year. The casino companies in these cities are now profiting massively and many are announcing expansion plans.

2022 is shaping up to be an even better year for the US gambling industry. Several exciting new casinos are preparing to open their doors next year. Many states are also expected to legalize sports betting.

Are you excited to see the first sportsbooks in North Dakota going live? What other Midwestern states do you expect to legalize sports betting in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below.

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