Florida’s Sports Betting Launch Could Be Just Weeks Away

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  • Lawmakers in Florida approved a set of gaming compacts with the Seminole Tribe back in May of this year.
  • Several gaming companies have filed lawsuits, challenging these compacts in court. 
  • Officials remain confident that Florida’s sports betting launch will next place next month. 

Sports betting legislation was approved in the state of Florida this past May. Since that time, officials have been working hard to launch the state’s first sportsbooks. New reports indicate Florida’s sports betting launch could end up taking place in the next few weeks.

Millions of residents here have been eager to see the state’s first sportsbooks go live. Now is a great time to talk about when exactly this could happen.

Here’s what you need to know!

Legal Disputes Continue to Delay Florida’s Sports Betting Launch

Several states have just launched their first sportsbooks. This was due mostly to the start of the 2021 NFL season. Various state leaders have been working hard to get regulated sports betting options up and running to earn valuable tax revenue from legal NFL betting.

Florida’s legislature approved measures to legalize sports betting this past May. Doing so required lawmakers to come up with gaming compacts with the Seminole Tribe. Unfortunately, various groups have presented legal challenges to these compacts, delaying the launch of sports betting.

Two commercial gaming operators in the state continue to battle against these compacts in court. The main disagreement seems to be whether or not the Seminole Tribe should have permission to offer online sports betting throughout the state, rather than inside their casinos.

“Contrary to the legal fiction created by the 2021 Compact and Implementing Law, a bet is placed both where the bettor and the casino are each located,” the lawsuits argue. “It could be interpreted that you can only place sports bets on tribal property.”

Many remain optimistic that sports betting will go live in the state within a few weeks, though. What exactly needs to happen for this to take place?

Officials Await Judge’s Order on Sports Betting Lawsuit

The process of getting sports betting legal in Florida has been a long, drawn-out one. It’s frustrating for both residents and lawmakers in the state. Everything now depends on a judge deciding whether or not to dismiss the latest lawsuit blocking this industry from going live.

The state has already filed a motion to dismiss this lawsuit. Several major sports betting companies are also pushing for things to move forward. These companies want to see sports betting options become available commercially, not only limited to the Seminole Tribe.

Many analysts expect to see this lawsuit dismissed sometime in the next couple of weeks. Members of the Seminole Tribe have been running television ads in hopes of gaining support. The Tribe is pointing to the fact that sports betting is already taking place in the state, despite it being unregulated.

If things go ahead as planned, Florida’s sports betting launch will take place next month. Both land-based and online sports gambling are set to become available when this happens. It would not be a shock to see Florida quickly develop one of the most successful sports betting industries in the country.

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Week 2 NFL Odds You Need to Check Out

The first week of the NFL season has just wrapped up. Fans around the country were treated to some incredible performances. That includes the wild, back-and-forth Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Do you expect to see Florida’s sports betting launch next month? Which NFL game are you looking forward to seeing the most this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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