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G2 Esports Announces a Brand New Talent Show Featuring Popular Fortnite Streamers

Many consider mid-2018 to be the pinnacle of Fortnite’s popularity. However, while it has slowed down in recent months, the popularity of this cartoony battle royale title is still growing. With Fortnite Summer Skirmish events enjoying a fair share of success, people are finally realizing what an esports powerhouse Fortnite could become in the years to come. Esports betting is in this story too, patiently waiting for bigger players to enter the playing field. And it might just found the golden egg with the recent G2 Esports Talent Show announcement.

Of course, the game itself (as well as the entire battle royale genre) needs a bit more polishing if it wants to make it big on the biggest of esports stages. However, the future most hold bright things in store for the most popular battle royale genre at the moment. As its community matures, so will its esports potential and we all know where that leads to – better public exposure meaning even bigger esports (and esports betting) presence.

There is a company that recognized this potential a while back. As the title of this article suggests, I am referring to G2 Esports, Germany-based organization with several top-tier esports teams wearing their colors. A few weeks ago, they announced they will be hosting a talent show for promising Fortnite streamers. The idea seems fresh and on-point with only the realization being question at the moment.

Here is what Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports and former LoL pro player had to say about this announcement:

“At G2, we’ve always been focused on providing top quality entertainment to fans old and new. We’re are constantly dreaming up new ways to interact with the industry and provide pathways for talented pros dreaming of going big. This will be our first original content production, but we believe that the G2ARMY will really enjoy tuning in. We can’t wait to meet the newest entertainers for G2 Esports.”

G2 Esports Talent Show Announcement | The Concept

The idea behind this talent show is the following – you will see a total of 20 promising Fortnite streamers participating in various activities. These activities will consist of a plethora of demanding online challenges as all 20 players trying to make it into the final 4. What’s so special about the final 4 contestants? Well, 4 finalists of Making the Squad (that’s the actual name of this talent show) will get full-time streaming contracts from G2 Esports, making their dreams of becoming worldwide famous streamers one step closer to reality.

Will There Be Betting Options for This Talent Show?

Since we are a betting website, most of you reading this are probably interested in the betting side of the deal here. However, at the time of writing this article, there was no info on whether or not esports bookies will feature special bets for this talent show. Still, if such bets are to happen, here are the most likely websites to feature them:

Here are the top US betting sites we recommend:

Here are the top Non-US betting sites we recommend for betting:

Where Can I Sign Up?

If this G2 Esports Talent Show announcement seems interesting to you and you consider yourself an up-and-coming Fortnite streamer, then chances are you’ll be looking for ways to register for this show. Unfortunately, I hate to ruin your plans but the registration process is already finished. All 20 contestants are known. There are quite a few familiar faces so Making the Squad talent show is definitely going to be a joy to watch!

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