Gambling Ad Laws in New Zealand Are Changing

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Lawmakers in New Zealand are working hard to better regulate the country’s gambling industry. For the most part, gambling regulations are extremely lenient here. This week, news has come out that gambling ad laws in New Zealand are set to change.

Now is a fantastic time to take a closer look at gaming laws surrounding this country. We’re also going to explain why these new advertisement laws are being established. Let’s get into it!

Online Gambling Regulations in New Zealand

The laws surrounding New Zealand’s gambling market are a little strange. Technically, it is illegal for any companies based within this country to offer online betting services to New Zealanders. Anyone based in New Zealand caught offering betting services over the internet to locals will face heavy fines and potential jail time.

Interestingly, there are no laws prohibiting New Zealanders from making online bets through companies based overseas. Today, some of the top online gambling sites in Europe are available in this country. Online betting is growing here every single year.

New Zealand’s government has no power to regulate internet gaming companies. As a result, these companies pay no taxes. For this reason, officials are working to revamp the industry.

Members of the Internal Affairs Ministry have stated that they want the laws here to change. It’s clear that more people here are betting online than ever before. Unfortunately, the government has no way to regulate this popular market.

Official Changes to Gambling Ad Laws in New Zealand

Laws to better regulate the online gambling industry here are in the works. This week, the Advertising Standards Authority announced a new set of laws to help monitor the land-based gambling market. This group officially released a code to change the current set of gambling ad laws in New Zealand.

The government is actively working to lower gambling addiction rates in the country. The ASA took advice from advertising agencies and media companies when coming up with this set of laws.

Gambling companies can no longer intentionally target anyone below the age of 18. Gaming operators must ensure that the location and time of these ads do not target mostly young people, as well. Lastly, companies can no longer release ads that promote gambling to improve financial difficulties.

The ASA, for their credit, are pleased with the new set of gambling ad laws in New Zealand.

“Reviewing and updating the Codes is an important part of the ASA’s work and it is great to have the new Gambling Advertising Code in place to support responsible advertising to consumers,” said Hilary Souter, Chief Executive of the ASA.

Will This Have a Major Effect on Gambling Activities Here?

The new set of gambling laws in New Zealand will officially be implemented on August 5th of 2019. Gaming operators have until November to begin complying with the new code. It’s unclear whether or not these laws will have much of an effect.

As we mentioned earlier, online gambling is growing extremely popular here. These laws do not pertain to any of the internet gaming activities in the country. Only land-based companies are subject to these new rules.

The laws prove that lawmakers in New Zealand are taking gaming regulations more seriously. Just last month, one of the biggest casino companies in the country announced that they plan to launch online. It seems likely that we’ll see a fresh set of internet gaming laws announced in the near future.

Many countries around the world are ramping up their advertising restrictions. New Zealand’s goal is to stop underage problem gambling. To be fair, the new advertisement laws are not as restrictive as what we’ve seen over in Sweden. Only time will tell how effective they will actually be.

Do you think these new advertisement laws in New Zealand make sense? Does this mean that a new set of online gambling laws are on the way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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