Gambling Sponsorships at the PGA Tour Now Allowed

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For many years, the PGA Tour has banned gambling companies from sponsoring players. As gambling, particularly sports betting, becomes more liberalized around the country, sports leagues are opening up their laws surrounding this industry. This week, it was announced that gambling sponsorships at the PGA Tour are now accepted.

It’s a huge move for both golfers and gambling companies. The US is clearly becoming more lenient to this industry. Let’s look at how this change came about.

PGA’s Previous Laws on Gambling Sponsorships

For many years, the PGA tour banned virtually all forms of gambling sponsorships. Technically, casino resorts did have the ability to sponsor players if these sponsorships focused only on non-gambling aspects of their resorts. These laws made sense considering much of the US was heavily restrictive on most forms of gambling.

Last year, the US Supreme Court famously ruled against PASPA, calling it unconstitutional. This opened up the possibility for individual states to set their own laws regarding sports betting. Within a few months, the PGA began rethinking their approach to gambling sponsorships. They recently introduced an integrity program to prepare for country-wide legalized gambling.

The PGA Tour’s senior vice president, Andy Levinson, gave his take on why gambling sponsorships at the PGA Tour is now allowed by stating,

“Because of the Supreme Court’s decision last year, and because of the direction that we see legalized, regulated sports betting going in this country, and just because of the public perception toward gaming, we’ve made the decision to remove a great deal of the prohibitions on gambling sponsorships in our sport.”

It’s highly likely that casinos will begin jumping at this new opportunity. So, what exactly is allowed now?

Gambling Sponsorships at the PGA Tour Need to Follow Certain Rules

A wide range of different gambling companies now have the opportunity to market their services during golf’s biggest tournaments. The PGA has been careful to set a number of regulations, though. The guidelines are clear but may change in the future.

First, players cannot have any sponsorships with companies “whose primary purpose is sports betting.” The PGA clarified that companies like DraftKings and FanDuel do not apply to this regulation. These companies offer games of skill.

Golfers associated with the PGA Tour cannot utilize sponsorships with online gambling sites in Europe, or any gambling companies based abroad. Companies like Bet365 and Betway cannot offer sponsorships to players. As time goes on and online gambling laws in the US become more liberal, this could change.

The PGA Tour must approve all potential sponsorships. As we mentioned before, it’s likely that many of the United States’ most popular casinos resorts will begin offering players major sponsorship deals.

2019 PGA Tour Dates

The 2018/19 PGA Tour actually began in October. Several major tournaments have already taken place. Fortunately for golf fans, there are still some fantastic events to look forward to. Many of the best online sportsbooks in the US offer betting odds for these tournaments.

The Masters Tournament will take place on April 14th. Sites like Bovada are already offering odds on the potential winners. At the moment, Dustin Johnson is the betting favorite to win with odds of +1000.

The PGA Championship takes place just a month later on May 19th. Dustin Johnson is once again listed as the favorite for this tournament with current odds to win at +900. As these tournaments get closer, the odds are likely to change.

It’s very possible that we’ll see gambling sponsorships at the PGA Tour during these major tournaments. It’s an exciting time for both players and gambling companies across the country.

Will these sponsorships help to boost the casino industry in the US? Do you think online gambling ads will be allowed in the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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