Gamblit Gaming Unveils Deal or No Deal Poker Games

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Gamblit Gaming recently announced that it will be rolling out two new video poker games to casino floors this year: Deal or No Deal Poker and Deal or No Deal Poker Special. The games were developed in partnership with Endemol Shine Gaming, which is owned by Endemol Shine Group, the creator and producer of the popular television game show.

Deal or No Deal Poker

Deal or No Deal Poker is, at its essence, your basic video poker game. You are dealt five cards, choose which ones you want to hold, draw some new ones (usually), and get paid according to a displayed payout table if you end up with a strong enough five-card hand. It’s five-card draw video poker. Pretty easy to understand.

Of course, there is a Deal or No Deal twist. Above each card in your hand is a column of four briefcases, each of which contains a card. If you choose to discard one of the cards in your original hand, rather than just being dealt a new card, you select a briefcase in the column above it. The card contained within then becomes your new card.

Card replacement goes left to right, one at a time, and there is a reason for that. If you decide to pick more than one new card, the banker chimes in with a money offer after your first replacement card is revealed. If you take the offer, you win that amount of money and the game is over. If you decline, the game continues. Banker offers will keep coming as long as there is a made hand and there is still at least one card left to draw.

Deal or No Deal Poker Special

Deal or No Deal Poker Special is a much wilder take on video poker in which two to four players compete against each other. At the outset, a bunch of briefcases, each containing a prize amount, are shuffled on the table. Each player selects one to be their prize should they win.

Each player is then dealt two cards face-up and a 45-second timer begins counting down. One at a time, cards are dealt in the middle of the table (each card replaces the one previous – there are no community cards). If you want that card in your hand, you press a button and you get that card. Play keeps going, players deciding which cards to grab and battling to see who has the fastest fingers if more than one player wants the same card.

The first time someone completes a five-card hand, the timer immediately advances to 11 seconds (unless there is less time left than that) and the remaining players really have to scramble to pick up cards. When the time runs out or everyone has five cards, the game is over and the winner is determined.

Before the winner’s briefcase is opened to reveal the prize, several of the other briefcases are opened to show which prizes are still possibilities. The banker than makes an offer. The winner can take the offer or opt to open the briefcase and take the prize inside.

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