Guam Anti-Casino Group Calls for Investigation

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Accusations of illegal gambling at the Tiyan fairgrounds facility in Guam have resulted in a call from anti-casino groups for immediate investigation. Government officials were forced to respond after local television broadcaster KUAM-TV reported on allegations from the Lina La Sin Casino Group that local mayors had given official permissions to operate fiesta-related casino events at the fairgrounds.

President for Lina La Sin Casino Jose Cruz contributed his concerns in a letter to KUAM-TV on behalf of the Lina La Sin Casino Group, “It’s a long-standing issue and it’s been a long-standing issue since the first time and [since] we took a position,” echoing, “Again I repeat myself; it affects the children.” If illegal gaming is becoming an issue on the island and surrounding region, it can put business in jeopardy for legitimate operations abiding by the gambling laws put in place by local authorities.

According to the Pacific Daily News, Saint Jude and San Miguel holidays at the end of 2016 provided special permissions for weekend gambling activities to be offered in nearby villages of Sinajana and Talafofo. The Agana Heights community celebrated similar events shortly after.

Cruz shifted the focus to Government officials and the Mayor’s Council of Guam, who he alleges insist,

“On continuing this activity in spite of numerous occasions where the people of Guam have resoundingly rejected casino gambling on our island.”

The letter went on to state,

“It continues to be disappointing to know of casino gambling continuing to operate at Tiyan, Guam, the site of the 2016 Liberation Day Guam Island Fair, which ended in August…We ask your offices to promptly investigate and, if necessary, shut down illegal gambling activities. Any permits that may not have been issued properly by the governor as required by law should be revoked as well.”

The Tiyan facility has served as a venue for what have been dubbed illegal gaming activities at the behest of Guam Governor Edward Baza CAlvo, who also stands accused of allowing cock fights and game of chance alongside other village celebrations. Robert Hofmann, Mayor of Sinajana attests that these events raise much-needed bunds for their municipalities.

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