Here’s Another Update on OH’s Sports Betting Plans

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  • More than half the states around the country now legalize and regulate sports betting. 
  • Ohio’s Senate approved a set of sports gambling bills earlier this year.
  • OH’s sports betting plans are now being reviewed by the House before heading to the Governor’s office. 

Ohio is and always has been one of the most passionate sporting states in the country. Millions of residents here have been pushing hard for legal sports gambling options to finally become available here. Today, we’ll talk about what exactly is happening with OH’s sports betting plans.

There has been real progress made in getting this form of gambling legal in Ohio. Several steps still need to be taken before any sportsbooks go live here, though.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation!

US Sports Betting Revenue is Expected to Surge This Fall

The US sports betting industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Revenue figures from this form of gambling continue to increase as the years go on. This past July, however, many states showed slight dips in their overall sports betting revenue figures.

That includes the state of Michigan. Here, total sports betting revenue fell by 23% when compared to June. The state’s sports betting operators managed to bring in just $19.6 million over the course of the entire month.

These revenue dips likely come from the lack of major sporting events during the month of July. The Tokyo Olympic Games did not generate nearly as much betting revenue as some analysts predicted. Fortunately, there is reason to believe that the upcoming fall months will be fantastic for this industry.

In about a month, the 2021/2022 NFL season will finally begin. It’s expected to be one of the most-watched seasons in history. Lawmakers across many different states are now working extremely hard to launch their first sportsbooks before the start of this season.

That includes states like Louisiana and North Carolina. Both have been pushing sports gambling bills through their legislative process. Even New York is trying to get its first online sports betting platforms operational here by the 2022 Super Bowl.

Ohio is one state that many expected to legalize sports betting years ago. Here is a quick look at when exactly the first sportsbooks may finally launch here.

OH’s Sports Betting Plans are Slowly Coming Together

Ohio is well-known for its large, passionate sporting fan base. There are several popular professional sports teams here including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Indians.

It should come as no surprise that many have been pushing for legal sports betting to become available in the state. Certain anti-gambling groups have been pushing against this idea, though. This has delayed the plans to finally launch any sportsbooks.

OH’s sports betting plans will soon be under review in the House. This legislative body needs to give its approval for the bills recently approved in the Senate. Most analysts expect the House to give the green light without any major changes for the bills.

Under the current plan, 25 online sportsbook licenses will be awarded in the state. 33 retail sportsbooks will gain licenses, too. There is reason to believe Ohio will quickly develop one of the largest sports betting markets in the country.

It will be interesting to see how the House views the plans here. Stay tuned for updates over the next couple of weeks.

Ohio’s Casino Industry Continues to Thrive

The entire US gambling industry has been growing throughout 2021. Sports betting is now legally available in more than half of the United States. Ohio is currently home to a successful gambling industry and is now working to finally allow sports betting, too.

Reports surfaced recently that shed light on how much money the casinos here managed to bring in last July. There are more than 10 casinos spread around the state. Most have been operational for less than a decade.

In July, the casinos here managed to bring in a combined $217 million in combined revenue. That represents a new record, surpassing the previous record of $215 million brought in last May. It’s exciting news and shows that the casino industry in Ohio is growing stronger.

Some feel that it’s time for more gambling venues to open in the state. First, however, lawmakers seem interested in getting the state’s sports gambling options up and running. We’ll continue offering revenue reports here as the year goes on.

Are you excited to hear about OH’s sports betting plans? When do you expect the first sportsbooks to launch here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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