Here’s How to Find the Best Odds on Tyson vs. Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will officially square off on November 28th. As the fight draws closer, more details on how it will take place are coming out. Contrary to some reports, it’s still possible to bet on this historic matchup. Today, we’re going to explain how you can find the best odds on Tyson vs. Jones Jr. available online.

This is a fight that seemed impossible only a few years ago. 2020 has been the year to expect the unexpected, however, and there are only a few days left before fight night.

Let’s take a look at the betting odds for each man to win!

CSAC Claims the Tyson-Jones Jr. Fight Won’t be Scored

When the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was first announced, fans were left with many questions. Some wondered what weight it would be held in. Others wanted to know about how many rounds these men would be competing for.

These questions have now been answered. This fight will be taking place at heavyweight. They will be competing for eight rounds, each one lasting two minutes. Interestingly, the CSAC claims this fight should not end in a knockout.

Due to both men’s age, CSAC Director Andy Foster wants this to be a showcase of boxing skill. He doesn’t want to see either man hurt.

“They can exhibit their boxing skills, but I don’t want them using their best efforts to hurt each other,” Foster said. “They’re going to spar hard, but they shouldn’t be going for a knockout. This isn’t a record-book type of fight. This is not world-championship boxing right now. It’s not what this is. People shouldn’t be getting knocked out.”

We are, of course, talking about Mike Tyson here. It’s hard to imagine him entering a fight like this one and not looking for a knockout punch. It is interesting to hear that neither man will be wearing headgear in the ring, though.

With only a few days left until the fight, many are trying to find odds on each man. There are a number of fantastic US online sportsbooks providing fantastic lines for this exciting matchup.

Breaking Down the Best Odds on Tyson vs. Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are two legends in the sport of boxing. Back in the 80s and 90s, these men were dominating in their respective divisions. Longtime fans often debated how a fight between the two during their primes would have played out.

No one will argue these men are still in their primes. Fortunately, Tyson and Jones Jr. both seem capable of boxing at a high-level. They will finally get to test their skills against one another on November 28th.

Bovada, one of the most popular internet sportsbooks in the US, is offering the best odds on Tyson vs. Jones Jr. online right now. At the moment, Mike Tyson is listed as the -200 favorite. Roy comes in as the +160 underdog.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a fight that officials hope won’t end in a knockout. Based on the styles of these fighters, that might be wishful thinking. Tyson and Jones are known for their incredible ability to land knockout blows.

Bovada currently gives Mike Tyson odds of -150 to land a knockout. The odds that Roy Jones Jr. manages to earn a knockout shot comes in at +450. There are a huge number of other betting options available for this fight. Check it out today!

It’s an exciting weekend to be a fight fan. Many people around the world are also looking forward to the co-main event between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson!

Last-Minute Odds on Paul vs. Robinson are Available Too!

Jake Paul has fully entered into the sport of boxing. His first professional fight took place earlier this year. On Saturday, he’ll be competing against Nate Robinson in the co-main event of the Tyson-Jones card.

Many hardcore fans hate the fact that Jake and his brother Logan are entering into the sport. Others believe it helps to bring the sport some more exposure. The fight against Nate Robinson is certainly an interesting one.

At the moment, Bovada lists Jake Paul as the -210 favorite. He showed some solid power in his win against AnEsonGib earlier this year. He claims to have trained hard and most believe he’ll get the win this weekend. If he does, we may see Jake taking on his brother sometime next year!

Nate Robinson has no combat sports experience heading into this fight. As a former NBA player, he’s certainly athletic and will try to use that athleticism to get the victory. Nate is coming into this fight as the +170 underdog to beat Jake Paul.

Make sure to head to Bovada today to find the best odds on Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Here, you will find fantastic lines for the entire fight card!

Do you plan to watch the Tyson-Jones Jr. fight this weekend? Who do you think wins and how? Let us know in the comments section below!

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