Indiana Pacers Name PointsBet as Official Sports Betting Provider

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Indiana Pacers PointsBet

This week, sports betting and the NBA executed a textbook pick and roll with the announcement that PointsBet has become the official sports betting partner for the Indiana Pacers.

This partnership means that PointsBet’s branding will be clearly visible during all of the Pacers’ games in addition to other advertisements throughout the Bankers Life Fieldhouse stadium. This deal will also provide Pacers fans and residents of Indiana with unique betting opportunities as well.

A Deal That Has Sparked Plenty of Excitement

The partnership has sparked a lot of excitement especially considering this is the first time an official sportsbook will be advertising in such prime real estate on the side of the court. The exposure is expected to be huge for PointsBet.

It wasn’t just the Indiana Pacers who were keen on how this deal would play out, as there are many other teams in the NBA who are now looking at the PointsBet partnership and questioning how it could be applied to their own franchise.

In an era where every franchise is looking for extra revenue, this deal between PointsBet and the Pacers could be just the first of many.

Those Placing Bets Will Also Get a Huge Bonus

In order to make this deal even more exciting, it has been announced that anyone betting on the NBA in Indiana will be able to take advantage of a $100 sign-up bonus.

This bonus is for new users who create an account with PointsBet. In order to access the promo, you’ll need to enter in the code “PACERS”. What this means is that it’s a win-win all around for everyone –the team, the sportsbook, and fans who are looking to place bets.

A big part of this new partnership is to generate interest in sports betting, so the fan engagement and the sign-up bonus are meant to really create ta buzz that draws people in.

PointsBet has also promised there will be plenty of other promotions and bonuses to follow in the future. Again, it’s all about the hype, keeping fans engaged, and keeping them entertained.

The idea is that these additional promotions and bonuses will also be offered to PointsBet existing customers, so as to reward them for loyalty. Rick Fuson, Pacers Sports & Entertainment president, and COO, commented on the deal with PointsBet:

“This corporate partnership with PointsBet represents a real win for both companies. We look forward to welcoming them in as a very visible brand at the Fieldhouse and through our various channels.”

The new branding is expected to be evident in the 2020-2021 season, being rolled out over time. Earlier this year, PointsBet announced it would be one of the NBA’s authorized sports betting operators.

It’s become very clear that PointsBet wants to make as many partnerships with NBA teams as possible, provided that they’re in states with legalized sports betting.

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