Japan Requesting Facial Recognition for Gamblers

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The Japanese government is working hard to prevent problem gambling. Reports are surfacing that lawmakers in this country are calling for facial recognition for gamblers entering pachinko parlors and horse race tracks. This technology will help the government to refuse gambling options for problem gamblers and under-age players.

This is one of the biggest steps a country has taken to regulate their land-based gaming industry. Let’s take a look at why this law is being proposed, and discuss the odds of it being passed this year.

Japan Beginning to Invest in Gambling Industry

Historically speaking, the Japanese government has been firmly against most forms of traditional gambling. For many years, the only real forms of wagering here were inside pachinko parlors and betting on horse racing. That all changed in July of 2018.

That month, the government passed legislation to allow casinos to be built in four different Japanese cities. Some of the biggest gambling companies in the world immediately stated their intention to enter this market. Lawmakers in Japan need to establish a firm set of laws before any casino can be built.

Some of the aforementioned gambling companies are already establishing a presence here. MGM Resorts recently secured a sponsorship with the MLB during the opening series taking place in Tokyo.

It’s clear that Japan is investing in its gambling industry. With that being said, lawmakers here are making it clear they want to avoid problem gambling inside the country. The facial recognition for gamblers here is evidence of that.

Why is Japan Pushing Towards Facial Recognition for Gamblers?

The Japanese government is working to complete the legal framework for casinos to begin operating. One of the biggest issues they face is how to prevent gambling addiction throughout the country. This plan to use facial recognition software in pachinko parlors and horse race tracks will help the government understand how to curb problem gambling.

Gaming parlors in Japan can already block individuals with gambling addiction issues. Unfortunately, these bans are difficult to enforce. Facial recognition will allow gambling establishments to better prevent those with gambling addictions to make wagers.

In many ways, this is an experiment. If these laws are passed, and the results are positive, the Japanese government will use the same facial recognition software inside casinos.

Japan is calling for public opinion on this matter. Japanese citizens have the ability to weigh in on whether or not this new law would be good for the country. A decision to approve or deny this new law will be made in April.

What Else Is Japan Doing to Protect Their Gambling Industry?

Japan’s government is working on a number of ways to protect their citizens from problem gaming. Reports are coming out that a ban on ATM machines inside gaming establishments is coming. There are ATM machines located in nearly all pachinko parlors and race tracks around the country.

Lawmakers in the country are also planning to implement a ban on all advertising that “arouses passions for gambling.” Companies operating gambling establishments will not be allowed to use traditional marketing tactics that many of the top online gambling sites in Europe utilize.

The government is also planning to build gambling addiction treatment centers throughout the country. Schools will also educate students on the dangers of problem gaming.

Japan is finally opening up its gambling market. Unfortunately, the iGaming industry here is existent. Internet gambling in the country is currently unavailable. High revenue earnings from casinos in the country may help to change the government’s stance on online gambling.

Do you think facial recognition for gamblers in Japan will be effective? How popular will casino gambling in the country be? Make sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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