Kevin Durant and Thirty Five Ventures Partner With Andbox Esports

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The esports industry still heavily relies on partnership deals and large-scale investments. The rise of esports investments has been expected, but no one really thought it’d attract so much interest from world-class athletes. Superstars like David Beckham, Shaq, Michael Jordan, and Kevin Durant have already invested in the growing esports scene. The 32-year-old Brooklyn Nets forward is back at it again, bringing forth a new partnership that could shape up New York’s esports trends.

The newest Kevin Durant esports investment deal involves his agent Rich Kleiman, Thirty Five Ventures (their investment arm) and Andbox (a New York based esports organization). The partnership with Andbox, owners of NYXL and New York Subliners, ought to result in collaborations on esports tournaments. It should also raise brand awareness and push the electric NY spirit into the rapidly growing world of esports!

“The passion that New York sports fans have has really hit home with me … Andbox is bringing that same energy to esports here, and that’s something Thirty Five Ventures is very excited to be a part of.” – Durant, President of Thirty Five Ventures

This partnership deal is more than just a pure investment. Thirty Five Ventures joins the action as a creative partner! Knowing Durant’s gaming habits, knowing his passion for NBA 2K and Call of Duty, we can rest assured he’ll become the next ambassador of esports.

Esports Still Riding the Sponsorship Wave

Sponsorship deals are still the biggest revenue stream of the growing esports industry. Without it, the industry wouldn’t be in the position it is today; no doubt about that! According to Nezwoo, esports sponsorship revenue in 2021 is expected to surpass $640 million USD. The second-largest revenue stream will be media rights with $192 million USD. 2021 total revenue is expected to surpass $1 billion USD.

Mind you, Nezwoo’s reports exclude revenues from esports betting, fantasy leagues, and similar cash-payout concepts. If those lucrative markets were in the equation, the total revenue would’ve been much higher than $1 billion USD; that’s for sure!

All in all, Kevin Durant esports investment seems like a good deal. Both sides should be happy with the results, just like esports fans who’ll have more quality esports content to consume.

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