Legalized Sports Betting Is One Step Closer in South Dakota

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For the state of South Dakota, it appears that legalized sports betting took a major step towards reality when Senate Joint Resolution 501 was passed by a vote of 24 to 10 in the State Senate. The resolution can now proceed with the next step in the process, which is to be passed along to the House.

The vote was broken down into 20 of the 30 Republicans in the state voting in favor of the Senate Joint Resolution 501, while four out of the five Democrats voted in favor of it.

More Details About This Bill

If the resolution does end up passing and becoming legalized, the next step would be for the legislature to then figure out how sports betting would operate in the state.

As for the timeline, considering the resolution would need to be approved by the House and voters, it would be summer 2021 at the earliest that sports betting would become available to people in the state. So even with the movement happening now, it’s still a long way off before residents can place wagers.

That brings about the next question as to where this sports betting could take place. Deadwood is the most likely answer, and it would be on-track for a 2021 summer launch.

Asked to comment on the possible legalization of sports betting, Mike Rodman, the executive director of Deadwood Gaming Association, stated that it could end up being a $4 million market for the city:

“We certainly think it is important to have sports wagering as another tool in our toolbox here in Deadwood, across the country sports wagering is kind of the rage, and we want to have that here to keep Deadwood a competitive destination with other gaming destinations.”

Rodman went on to explain that even though it’s not legal, sports betting is currently taking place within the state. So, making it legal seems like the best option.

Is There Already Gambling in SD?

While sports betting is prohibited at the moment, on-site gambling is legal in the state. In fact, South Dakota is home to more than 45 casinos where gambling can legally take place. As for Deadwood, it is seen as a gambling hub and is often the center of activity.

As it stands, there are some gaming laws and restrictions in place such as the type of games that can be hosted in the various venues. Additionally, online gambling is completely illegal in the state. There are also regulations for betting on races and charitable gaming “under certain conditions”.

Legalizing sports betting would just help to loosen up the laws and regulations currently in place and make it a more open market where gambling and betting is concerned.

It would also mean that South Dakota is keeping in line with the dozens of other states in the country making the same moves to legalize sports betting this year.

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