Is Logan Paul Boxing Anderson Silva at Some Point This Year?

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Celebrity boxing continues to grow more popular every single month. Logan Paul is now one of the most-talked-about combat sports athletes in the world, despite never having won a single bout. New rumors have recently surfaced claiming fans may soon see Logan Paul boxing Anderson Silva.

This would be a massive step up for the social media star. Anderson Silva is clearly past his prime, yet remains an elite fighter with serious knockout power. Now is a great time to talk about whether or not this rumored fight could really come together.

Let’s get into it!

Has the Sport of Boxing Changed Forever?

Boxing has been around dating back to Ancient Greece. It’s one of the most popular and most difficult combat sports out there. Something has changed in recent years, however, and the best boxers in the world are not necessarily getting the attention that they probably should receive.

Instead, a number of social media stars seem to be taking over the sport. It all began with the Paul brother’s move into the sport of boxing. They have both stepped into the ring on several occasions and seem to be generating more views each time they fight.

The problem is this doesn’t seem to be a quick trend. We’ve seen more celebrities express interest in competing in boxing over the years. Many are beginning to realize how much money can be made with just a brief appearance inside the squared circle.

Jake Paul is now 3-0 as a professional with each victory coming via stoppage. He is set to take on Tyron Woodley next month in what is without question the most dangerous fight of his career. A victory over the former UFC star would likely set Jake up for a massive bout early next year.

Logan Paul is coming off an unusual exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather. Logan did little to establish himself as a legitimate boxing talent. He lasted eight rounds with one of the best boxers of all-time, however, and deserves at least some credit for doing so.

Many of the best boxers in the world are struggling to generate Pay-Per-View buys. Meanwhile, social media stars are raking in the cash with their fights. It doesn’t appear that this will slow down anytime soon, either.

New Rumors Point to Logan Paul Boxing Anderson Silva in October

Logan Paul is likely the man responsible for the new popularity of celebrity boxing. He has brought his massive online following with him into each of his bouts. Logan’s fans seem to enjoy seeing him in the ring and he doesn’t seem interested in hanging up the gloves anytime soon.

There are now real calls for Logan to face off against a threatening fighter. He managed to survive against Floyd Mayweather while stepping into the ring on that night with a massive height and reach advantage. Some are now calling for Logan to face someone closer to his own size.

Dillon Danis has been one of the biggest combat sports trolls online for the past few years. Recently, he released a set of screenshots that seem to hint at Logan Paul boxing Anderson Silva this year. You can check out a Tweet of this screenshot below.


Anderson Silva is coming off a thrilling boxing victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in his last bout. Even at 46 years old, he remains one of the most skilled overall fighters in all of combat sports. The Paul brothers were congratulatory of his recent victory and it’s not a stretch to imagine that Logan would be interested in facing the former MMA champion.

Nothing has been made official. In fact, there is at least a fairly decent chance that Logan and Anderson have not even spoken about a fight. If these rumors are true, however, it would be interesting to see how Logan might fare against a man capable of knocking him out. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this possible bout over the next few months!

A huge number of celebrity boxing fans are now looking ahead to Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with Tyron Woodley. Here’s a quick look at the odds for this exciting clash.

Breaking Down the Online Odds on Paul vs. Woodley

Jake Paul is yet another social media star making waves in the combat sports world. Unlike his brother Logan, however, he is choosing to take professional bouts against well-known figures. His most recent knockout win over Ben Askren proved that he has the power to defeat real fighters.

On August 28, Jake will step into the ring against Tyron Woodley. This is a dangerous fight for Jake and many feel that Tyron’s power and experience will be too much. BetOnline is currently offering some fantastic odds on this exciting clash.

Jake Paul has won each of his three professional bouts via knockout. There is no doubt that he is a strong puncher and seems to be taking his career seriously. Some are surprised to see that Jake is listed as the -130 favorite in this matchup.

Tyron Woodley was once considered one of the greatest welterweight fighters on the planet. He has lost his past four fights, however, and it seems that he is now fighting past his fighting prime. BetOnline lists the MMA star as the very slight +100 underdog in this fight.

Paul vs. Woodley may end up being one of the biggest boxing matches of the year. Like it or not, the Paul brothers have made their mark on the sport. It will be interesting to see just how far these two men can go in their careers.

Do you expect to see Logan Paul boxing Anderson Silva this year? How do you think this fight would play out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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