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Madison Square Garden Files Trademark in Sports Betting Space

While Madison Square Garden hasn’t come out officially to talk about any plans of getting into sports betting, that doesn’t mean they aren’t. In fact, it appears that the owners of MSG have filed to trademark “MSG” in the space for sports betting.

Now, this could mean that they’re just taking precautions, or it could mean that the MSG executives are waiting for sports gambling to become legal in New York so they can jump on the opportunity.

The Trademark Filing

In December, Madison Square Garden’s name appeared on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website. The company filed to trademark “MSG” for;

“downloadable mobile applications for sports wagering, for organizing, arranging, conducting, and participating in sports wagering tournaments, for providing information related to sports betting…”

A spokesperson for Madison Square Garden provided a statement about sports betting:

“We have said we’re very interested in the opportunities legalized sports gaming could bring and recognize that we have a brand, in MSG, that is recognizable around the world for its connection to iconic sports.”

We aren’t sure if their intention was to act in a precautionary manner regarding their name, or if they are preparing to offer sports gambling at the arena when New York legalizes the activity.

According to one trademark lawyer in Washington, D.C., Josh Gerben, the paperwork submitted has within it a signed, sworn statement that the company has the real intent to use the trademark for any goods and services:

“This means the company likely has real plans to launch an app and other services in the field of sports betting.”

Madison Square Garden, the company, owns several arenas all over the world; however, sports gambling is already legal in London, UK, and Nevada. Even more interesting, Madison Square Garden owns the Liberty, Rangers, Knicks, and partially owns the esports team Counter Logic Gaming.

A Growing Trend?

A number of different teams and stadiums are making deals, building sportsbook-type locations within the stadiums, and trademarking things within the sports betting space. It’s not really surprising that MSG has filed, given the fact that New York will probably be one of the next states to legalize sports gambling.

The company has always prided itself on being an industry leader and a forward thinking entity. Their foray into sports betting trademarks is just another example of how MSG is ahead of its peers.

Whatever the case, Madison Square Garden owns the two most valuable sports franchises within their respective sports playing at its famous arena. If sports betting comes to MSG, the company will certainly do well, and so will fans.

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