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Maryland Woman Loses Thousands Due to Casino Error

Cynthia Obie, a Maryland woman, lost out on a potential jackpot at a Maryland casino due to a mishap involving a Social Security number.

Obie told her local FOX affiliate that she was playing the slot machines at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill when her machine’s symbols aligned. She had just won the jackpot…or so she thought.

The Mishap

Obie told FOX, “I was very excited. Like, I need this money.”

However, when Obie gave her personal information to the casino staff, they misread her Social Security number. They were off by one digit.

The Social Security number the staff plugged in actually belonged to another person that owed a significant amount in child support. So, Obie’s winnings were immediately confiscated.

Obie was shocked, and she said, “I’m like, ‘No. All of my daughters are grown. I’ve never paid child support.’ I’m like, ‘This can’t be right.'”

Obie thought she had won several thousand dollars. She did not reveal just how much she had thought she won, but the typo resulted in her having to go home empty-handed. Instead of her winnings, the casino offered her a $200 free play credit along with free drink vouchers for the rest of the night.

MGM Statement

An MGM spokesperson told FOX that they were aware of the error and were working on making it right.

MGM’s statement said, “Due to MLGCA [Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency] rules and Maryland State Law, we cannot provide an additional payout for this jackpot, however, if she presents the proper identification credentials to the Maryland Gaming Commission, they will provide her with the appropriate payout. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused Ms. Obie.”

Obie, who was frustrated by the entire situation, just wants her money. She added, “Now I’m at the point, this is insane. You guys are a billion-dollar corporation. You do the research: I won fair and square. I just want my money.”

The casino gave Obie a letter that instructed her to sort the matter out with the Maryland Human Services Agency, which handles child support.

Obie thought the extra money could come in handy, especially just after the holiday season. She says she has frequented a number of casinos in the past, but this was the first time she had ever won big.

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