Mayweather Remains Silent About Rematch; Pacquiao Injured and Home Burglarized

It appears that not everything went according to plan for Manny Pacquiao this weekend. Not only did the sport’s only 8-division champion suffer an injury in his dominant win over Adrien Broner, but his home was also burglarized most likely during the fight.

And if that wasn’t enough drama to deal with, Pacquiao has been left dangling in the wind as Floyd Mayweather Jr. refuses to comment on whether or not he will accept a rematch against Manny.

Pacquiao Suffers Eye Injury

Things were going so well for Pacquiao in his fight against Broner, that nobody noticed Manny sustained a scratched cornea in his left eye. It wasn’t discovered until the morning after the fight when Manny was complaining of eye discomfort. After the fight, Manny reported that his eye was bothering him. So, medical personnel rinsed out his eye as they thought he might just have debris in it.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. However, it wasn’t until a doctor came up to Pacquiao’s hotel suite on Sunday morning that they diagnosed it as a scratched cornea.

The injury is deemed to be minor, but Pacquiao will have to continue wearing a patch and undergo treatments with an antibiotic ointment. As long as there are no complications, Manny should be healed up within the week. It’s believed that a piece of tape from Broner’s glove caused the scratch.

Manny’s Home Was Burglarized

After seeing the doctor on Sunday, Pacquiao returned to his Los Angeles home to find out that it had been ransacked. Pacquiao’s publicist, Fred Sternburg, made the following statements about the burglary:

“They think it happened on fight night. They’re gathering information and taking inventory and the police are investigating. It’s an upsetting situation. They don’t know what’s been stolen, if anything. (The burglars) basically went in and ransacked the senator’s bedroom. It seems like they found nothing and then they bailed.”

Pacquiao spends the majority of his time in his homeland of the Philippines due to being a Senator there. He doesn’t spend much time at his California home unless on an extended stay in the United States or a fight in Las Vegas. Manny’s aunt has been the caretaker of his home when he’s in the Philippines.

Mayweather Remains Silent on a Rematch

Despite sitting ringside for the fight between Pacquiao and Broner, Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains silent about a potential rematch against Manny this summer.

If you recall, last September Mayweather took to social media to declare that he would fight Manny Pacquiao again. He quickly backtracked on that statement and said he wanted a tune-up fight before Manny. Well, that tune-up fight turned into an “exhibition” against a 20-year old Japanese kickboxer.

Despite how Manny looked in his fight against Broner, and that Floyd will be 42 next month, Pacquiao is still a sizeable underdog with boxing betting sites. According to MyBookie, Floyd is a -250 favorite and Manny is a +200 underdog.

As of now, until Mayweather agrees to a rematch, this sequel is nothing more than wishful thinking. And, if you believe Mayweather Promotions’ Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd is retired and the fight won’t happen.

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