McGregor Says He Will KO Poirier in Under 60 Seconds at UFC 257

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UFC 257

With less than two weeks until the huge UFC 257 PPV event on January 23rd from Abu Dhabi, the media circus is starting to whip up as Conor McGregor makes his return to the octagon.

In true McGregor fashion, the sport’s most popular star fired off some comments that will certainly rub Dustin Poirier the wrong way.

In a preview of the upcoming “Countdown to UFC 257,” McGregor made the following prediction as to what will take place in the rematch:

“I like Dustin, I think he’s a good fighter. He’s even a great fighter. But great is still levels below me. I’ll knock Dustin out inside 60 seconds.”

As of now, Dustin Poirier has no responded to these comments. Poirier remains confident in winning on January 23rd, but one has to wonder how the first fight between these two combatants will affect Poirier in the rematch.

The First Poirier vs McGregor Fight

The first bout between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor took place at UFC 178 in September 2014. This was also the first time that the UFC had brought over McGregor to Las Vegas. Prior to the Poirier bout, Conor had seen his stock rise with an emphatic win over Diego Brandao in Dublin.

Heading into the first bout, Poirier was very confident that he was better, faster, stronger and more experienced than McGregor. He also acknowledged how McGregor got on his nerves with his trash talking.

This rematch hasn’t had the same level of trash talking as first one. Over time, the two fighters have grown to respect each other more, but will it have the same result?

In the pressers leading up to the UFC 178 event, McGregor made the following prediction:

“I’m going to crack him with a jab and he’s going to wobble, and I’m going to put him away early. It’s going to be a first-round KO. Mark my words.”

The fight opened up with both men eager to land some punches. Within the first minute the action was already intense. Poirier was looking to let his hands fly and began going on the attack along with some well-timed attempts at counterpunches.

Unfortunately, as Poirier was looking for an opening, he ate a straight left hand that finished the fight at the 1:46 mark. And, as he had predicted, McGregor beat Poirier via 1st round knockout.

Betting Odds Increase for McGregor

In the first fight, Dustin Poirier opened up as a sizable favorite with odds at -225. McGregor opened up as a large underdog with odds hovering around +190.

Yet, by time the UFC 178 event arrived, McGregor was a large betting favorite with odds ranging from -225 to -275. Poirier went from the favorite to a big underdog with odds from +160 to +240.

In the rematch, McGregor opened up as a -175 favorite. However, since then, McGregor is listed at odds ranging from -260 to -305.

Dustin Poirier opened up at +150 and can now be found with odds ranging from +200 to +235, which are about on par with the high end of his closing odds for the first fight.

The Over/Under Has Appeal

Currently, bettors can find an Over/Under for this fight at 1.5 rounds with some online betting sites. Other sportsbooks have the O/U at 2.5 rounds.

If you believe in McGregor’s prediction then you certainly want to go with the Under 1.5 rounds at +115 odds. Yet, there are some who believe that this bout will go at least into the 3rd round and possibly even the 4th round. That means the Over 1.5 rounds at -145 odds in play.

However, if you really feel that this fight has a shot of going into the championship rounds then take the Over 2.5 rounds at +110 odds at the online betting site Bovada.

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