Michigan Could Get Green Light on Mobile Sports Betting Very Soon

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Michigan Gaming Board Mobile Betting

It seems that the gas pedal has been pressed to the floor on legalizing mobile sports betting in the state of Michigan. While the process may have started out slow the state is now taking a very “aggressive” approach with hopes of offering mobile sports betting by October of this year.

That is just a few months away, which would be in time for Michigan residents to fully participate in betting on the NFL and College Football.

Why the Rush to Legalize Mobile Sports Betting?

Originally, the timeline had been for mobile sports betting to go live in February 2021, around the time of the Super Bowl. However, due to the state’s recent financial hardships, Michigan is fast tracking mobile betting in order to reap the tax revenue benefits.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has announced that its new timeline will move the date up significantly. The goal is to use the tax revenue from sports betting to help fill the gaps in the budget, which has taken a severe hit this year due to the health crisis.

MGCB Deputy Director David Murley stated that all parties with a stake in gaming are working together to get this launched from casinos and tribes to state and local lawmakers. Murley would also go on to say that he believes that October is a realistic timeframe:

“Right now, the way we’re moving, the month of October is realistic to get the rules to the legislature and get licensing done as well.”

And, it’s not just the MGCB that is pushing for this earlier date for mobile sports betting. Senator Curtis Hertel is also playing a big role in getting the legislation moved along and passed.

“But at this point, I feel very confident that it will be done in a reasonable manner. Obviously, we’d like to make that first week of the NFL season, but I think we’ll be close.”

Senator Hertel spoke about how helpful the tax revenue will be as it’s earmarked for schools, first responders and other city issues. He stated that all of the major cities in Michigan need help right now.

The Timing Could Coincide With the Return of the NFL

What makes the October goal all the more intriguing is the fact it could coincide with the return of the NFL. Currently, the NFL is set to start up their season on September 10th, but no official word has been given as of yet. Football fans will find out more as teams approach training camps by the end of July.

If that date holds firm however, it would mean that mobile sports betting would be available by week four of the NFL’s season.

The MGCB has already obtained the first round of stakeholder comments on the draft rules, the next step will be to get approval on those rules. This is granted by the regulatory affairs office. Additionally, applications for supplier licenses are now being accepted, as this process began back on May 15th.

While there are still a number of steps that need to be taken, rules to be made and finalized, and reviews to be done, the push for mobile sports betting by the fall is very real and quite strong at the moment. There is a lot of optimism surrounding the entire industry in Michigan.

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