MLB Signs Massive Deal With theScore Sports Betting App

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As the MLB season gets closer to its official start date of July 31st, it looks like the league has taken a big step forward in ensuring that people are able to place informed sports bets in a mobile environment.

The MLB has in fact penned a massive deal with theScore which will make it possible for the app to access all the league stats, info, and logos. This popular app has a large fanbase that not only love the sport, but are also passionate about betting on Major League Baseball.

A Multi-Year Deal That Was Very Much Welcomed

This is a multi-year deal that allows theScore to act as an authorized gaming operator. Of course, this is a welcoming deal for theScore given the fact its app has proven to be hugely successful in the North American market.

theScore app provides a place for legal sports betting participants to find news, stats, information on players and teams, live scores, betting information and more. It’s meant to be that one-stop solution so that people can go ahead and place an informed bet that they feel confident in.

John Levy, Founder and CEO of theScore, believes this deal will help bring their loyal customers a more in-depth experience with the sport of baseball. Levy also shared the following comments in a press release:

“We know our fans are eager to watch and bet on America’s pastime, and we’ll be ready to bring them a best-in-class integrated media and betting offering when play resumes and for seasons to come.”

It should be noted that the MLB also has partnership deals with other gaming companies including FoxBet, BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

Speaking on the deal with theScore specifically, the MLB said they will be working to protect baseball’s integrity while also providing fans with unique ways to engage with the sport.

Kenny Gersh, MLB Executive Vice President, Gaming & New Business Ventures, also went on to say that the partnership with theScore will provide baseball fans with “creative gaming opportunities” across various platforms.

Who Can Use the App Right Now?

The real-time stats will prove to be especially helpful when it comes to the MLB. These will be found in the data feed. Currently, those in New Jersey can actually start using the app right away.

In the future, the app will be available for launch at the end of July in Indiana and Colorado, which will be just in time for the start of the 60 game season.

For those unfamiliar with theScore, it is the media app for the company Score Media and Gaming Inc. As mentioned, it’s one of the most popular of all the media apps in the field of sports betting in North America.

What users love is the fact you can get highly personalized live scores, and information that is specific to the teams and players they are interested in. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices, giving everyone a chance to check out what it offers.

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