Montana Experiences a Poor Reception to Legalized Sports Betting

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Even though there was a lot of excitement around the state of Montana over legalizing sports betting, it seems the venture has been met with a poor reception. A big part of that response was the fact that the betting lines provided by Intralot were literally all over the place when it came to normal market prices.

What this means is that fewer wagers were able to be placed due to the betting odds. Intralot was hired to act as the sports betting operator for Montana’s lottery applications. As of now, there appears to be more complaints than satisfied bettors.

Sports Bet Montana – Not Quite the Big Deal Expected

As Sports Bet Montana was this month, there were plenty of people who were expecting big things – such as excitement and a whole lot of revenue being generated. And while that excitement was initially there, it quickly wore off once people saw just how much the lines varied.

Taking a look at various betting lines, some of the favored teams were given odds that reached as high as -1,111 on the moneyline. Of course, all this managed to do was scare bettors off and not place a wager at all.

When comparing the odds to other sportsbooks around the nation, they were rated among the worst if not the absolute bottom of the pile. Not exactly what people were expecting upon the launch.

Montana has set up a number of kiosks in various retail locations, with all of those kiosks being operated by Intralot. That means all the betting lines in the machines also were supplied by the same company.

The good news is that things don’t have to remain this way, and there can be changes made that will entice people to place wagers. There is the idea that Intralot could move to make changes with the sports bettor in mind, which can then spark the interest and revenue the state was hoping for.

All Eyes Move to Washington D.C.

So what does the situation in Montana have to do with Washington D.C.?

That same Montana provider, Intralot, was hired in Washington D.C. to act as a legalized operator for sports betting. Parties are concerned that the same horrible lines that were given in Montana may be the case in D.C. as well.

But, here’s the big difference between the two locations, D.C. has made it possible for multiple facilities to apply for sportsbook licenses, plus there will be a mobile betting platform developed and available to those wishing to place a wager.

It takes away the monopoly atmosphere that Intralot has in Montana. When Intralot is faced with stiff competition in the market, they will need to step up and offer the kinds of lines that people want to bet on.

Montana Hopes to See Changes in the Future

For now, the legalization of sports betting may have landed with a resounding thud in Montana but that’s not to say things can’t be turned around and improved upon.

With the sports world at a standstill due to the coronavirus, there will be plenty of opportunities for Intralot to address this issue and get in line with most other sportsbooks and online sports betting sites.

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