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The worlds of online gambling and eSports continue to converge with the news that Mr. Green is starting a new eSports partnership with Gamingzone Entertainment. The new entity, which has yet to be named, will be 55% owned by Mr. Green.

In announcing the deal, Mr. Green’s CEO Per Norman said

”Esports is a quickly growing, global phenomena and an increasing number of fans is spending time on gaming as well as different kind of videos. Experts believe this can become as huge as traditional sports. We want to be part of this development and create a presence among all its fans. In Gamingzone, we have found a partner who understands esports, content, and entertainment.”

This venture will be focused on the eSports community, with the possibility of finding a true synergy between the competitions themselves and the increased interest in betting on the outcomes. Gamingzone has only been around since 2017 but has grown in presence along the way, making this deal possible. The Gamingzone CEO Karl Mikael Cakste put the deal in perspective:

”Entertainment and betting within esports is still immature. We are convinced that there are interesting and entertaining ways of offering the fans something better than what we have seen so far.”

“We are happy to partner with Mr. Green which is an established, knowledgeable iGaming company that acts responsibly and is long-term.” Continued Cakste. ”Our main ambition is to create a community where esports fans from the entire world love to spend time. People of the age of 18 and older who want to bet will in due time be offered that opportunity under just and safe conditions.”

Cakste has been appointed the CEO of the new venture, although it is likely that will change as the product moves forward. This joint venture is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2018.

We think that this is a great step for both companies. While betting on eSports continues to grow, there needs to be some more influence from the gambling community on how best to grow the sport while maintaining integrity. This is likely to be one of many joint ventures that will be announced by the two gaming circles in the coming months.

With the changing legislation in the United States regarding sports gambling, we can also predict a huge number of moves to be made in that market. Legalised betting on eSPorts in North America is bound to open the market up wide, and there are already signs of the sustained growth with the number of eSports facilities being built in that county.

The entire gaming world will be watching how this joint venture unfolds, and we suspect it will be the blueprint for several future deals around the world. While we aren’t sure how big eSports will end up being, we do know that it is an exciting new market which sportsbooks are clamoring over as it brings a younger demographic to their sites.

Mr. Green is a publicly traded company so we will hear more about the venture when the company discusses it with shareholders later this week.

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