NASCAR’s New Partnership Will Create Live Betting Platform and Growth

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Like many other professional sports leagues in the United States, NASCAR has seen the value in embracing sports betting. However, NASCAR was leading the pack when it came to acceptance as they were allowing wagers at a select few race tracks last year when other professional sports leagues were still considering what to do. Additionally, NASCAR changed their official league policy to become more sports betting friendly and they started allowing gambling sponsorships on race cars. Now, the popular racing league is taking things a step further as they partner with Genius Sports to create a live sports betting platform.

Details About the Partnership

This partnership will take NASCAR’s official data and use it to build a real-time platform for sports betting. From there, this platform will be marketed to licensed sportsbooks like casinos and online betting sites. NASCAR’s officials feel that partnering with Genius Sports will take the league to a whole new level with fan engagement, increased TV viewership and legalized sports betting:

“Partnering with Genius Sports allows us to deliver a dynamic fan engagement platform in the rapidly-growing world of legalized sports gaming. This new relationship will provide another entry point to the sport and complements our strategy to create a more immersive experience for fans.”

For Genius Sports, they will exclusively provide NASCAR data to the licensed online and real-world sportsbooks. Genius Sports’ CEO Mark Locke commented on this new partnership:

“NASCAR fans are some of the most devoted in the world. We look forward to helping them create a deeper, more connected experience that is both safe and secure as the business of sports betting continues to evolve in the U.S.”

It’s believed that NASCAR can experience tremendous growth with fans and sports bettors through real-time (live) betting. It’s a sport that provides a greater unknown every few seconds than most other sports. With hundreds of laps each race and roughly 40 drivers per race, there are numerous opportunities for in-race betting. Additionally, NASCAR prop bets could become more popular as well, due to this new partnership and live betting platform.

Due to the season already being nearly 1/3rd complete, and this technology needing time for development, a live betting platform isn’t expected to be ready until the beginning of the 2020 season.

About Genius Sports

NASCAR is a highly popular league, but many racing fans and sports fans, in general, might not be familiar with Genius Sports. This global leader in sports data has partnerships with leagues and sports organizations from around the world. In addition to NASCAR, they’re also partnered with NBA, NCAA and PGA. Genius Sports has 16 locations across the globe, but they’re headquartered in London. Their main objective is to capture sports data and transform that data into stats that can be used for sports betting purposes.

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