NBA Rumors: 5 Teams That Could Trade For Derrick Rose

The Chicago Bulls failed to make the NBA playoffs for the first time in seven years this past season, sparking very real talk about a potential roster blow up.

With Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah scheduled to hit free agency and trade rumors swirling both Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, the Bulls are officially on red alert when it comes to looming roster changes.

Rose Rumors

No one knows for sure what is to come, but it’s long been rumored that Rose is on the outs with the organization. Not only has Rose been unable to regain his previous MVP form, but he’s missed too many games and is no longer enough of a difference-maker.

Chicago is looking to the future, and per reports, that includes a Derrick Rose trade if the right buyer speaks up. The silver lining with Rose is that at 27 years old there is still some hope that he could return to being a dominant force and that the 2016-17 season represents the final year of the deal.

The Bulls could eat that salary and let him walk next summer, or they can unload Rose onto a team that either values his expiring contract or sees him as an answer to their point guard woes. Here’s a look at five teams that could be interested in making a deal:

New York Knicks

It is unclear if the Knicks would want Rose, but right now all they have is a washed up Jose Calderon and two young guys in Tony Wroten and Jerian Grant that don’t look like the answer.

Phil Jackson is trying to rebuild with an eye on a quick return to the playoffs, and it’s gauge if Rose helps the Knicks accomplish that. Rose isn’t a great defender, not really a pure pass-first point guard and probably one of the more erratic shooters in the league.

That being said, Rose can run an NBA offense, plays exciting basketball and scores the rock. Rose may not be anyone’s long-term answer when you look at his playing style, efficiency and injury history, but there is little doubt he’d help sell tickets and improve New York’s point guard depth chart by leaps and bounds.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn is a step down from New York, but they have just as much need at the point with the middling Jarrett Jack recovering from a torn ACL and not a whole lot behind him.

Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan should not be receiving starter minutes and in all honesty, neither should Jack. Rose would bring a little more stability and more upside as a scorer, while also moving Jack to a more appropriate backup role. Brooklyn knows they’re in a rebuild, however, so it’s tough to see them making a big deal to pay Rose a ton of money before watching him walk next summer.

Dallas Mavericks

This could be an interesting spot, as Dallas is probably losing Deron Williams in free agency and has a slew of mediocre point guard options, but not a single sure-fire starter.

J.J. Barea, Devin Harris and Raymond Felton are all solid in spurts, but all have clear flaws to their game and lack the superstar upside Rose could potentially bring to the table. In fact, Harris would be the perfect backup as a defensive stopper behind Rose, while Felton, Harris and Barea could all provide the outside shooting touch that Rose often lacks.

Dallas needs to upgrade the position and focus on youth a little more, while also continuing to build a contender around an aging Dirk Nowitzki. Bringing Rose in could help move that narrative along.

Utah Jazz

Dante Exum is recovering from a torn ACL, Shelvin Mack probably isn’t starting material and the Jazz don’t even seem to like Trey Burke.

All of that could call for a changing of the guard, so to speak, as the Jazz could certainly use an offensive jolt overall – especially at the point. Rose has more experience, athleticism and natural scoring ability than any lead guard Utah has and his presence could give their offense a massive boost.

Rose’s inefficiency and lack of top level defense could be an issue, but at some point the Jazz need to make some sort of sacrifice to improve their offense.

Sacramento Kings

This is not necessarily the best situation for Rose, but the Kings want to get back to the playoffs and with Rajon Rondo ready to hit free agency, they may have a huge need at the position.

Rose would be a risky move for a team that seems to be both rebuilding and trying to compete on the fly, but he certainly wouldn’t lack for star power or upside. Sacramento’s offense has never been an issue, though, so they might be taking a step back on defense.

Kings gonna Kings, though, so in a weird way they might be the front-runner.

Derrick Rose Prediction

There isn’t much to go on right now, but going off of need and NBA rumors, Rose to the Knicks feels like the most logical trade at the moment. New York is probably going to try hard to land either Mike Conley or Rajon Rondo in free agency first, but the latter isn’t necessarily the better option over Rose and Conley will surely prefer a legit contender.

If it’s between signing Rondo or trading for Rose, I think the Knicks could see more value in snagging Rose and eating his salary. If it’s a failure, he walks next summer and they move on. If it is a success, they can install him as their lead guard for the next few years and see if it can lead to a deep playoff run.

What do you think will happen? Where will Derrick Rose be traded, or will he even be traded at all? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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