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Nearby Competition Isn’t Hurting Reno’s Casino Industry

Reno has transformed itself from a struggling gambling town into one of the most promising casino and sports betting hubs in the country. Despite the increased competition in nearby California, this city continues to generate significant revenue. Reno’s casino industry is more stable than ever, and may soon be rivaling cities like Las Vegas.

California is gearing up for some big expansion to their casino industry, yet gambling operators in Reno are unconcerned. Are they overconfident?

Reno’s History and Growth over the Years

During the mid-1900s, Reno was considered to be the gambling hotspot in the United States. Thanks to Nevada’s progressive laws towards gambling, this small town started generating huge amounts of revenue from the casinos operating here. Eventually, Las Vegas took over the Nevada gambling scene. Reno was soon struggling for business.

Reno began to gain significant popularity again in the early 2000s. The city became a popular destination for Northern Californians due to a large expansion project that included the construction of the Atlantis and Peppermill casinos.

In 2003, a number of Indian gaming properties opened in Northern California. Reno was once again devastated by a lack of business.

Over the past decade, Reno transformed itself into a true resort town. New businesses purchased old casinos and had them renovated to include spas and entertainment options. Reno made a strategic focus on attracting local gamblers, and in recent years this city has been recording impressive revenue gains.

Northern California Set to Welcome Three New Casinos

The gambling establishments built in Northern California during the early 2000s seriously damaged Reno’s gambling industry. Northern California will soon welcome three more casinos. Many people are now questioning whether this will once again destroy Reno’s progress.

David Farahi, one of the top gambling operators in Reno, is not one of the people concerned with California’s casino expansion. “California is already saturated,” he told the media.

He definitely has a point. California has the biggest collection of Indian casinos in the country. The casinos here generated more revenue in 2016 then the Las Vegas Strip. Despite the plethora of gaming options in California, Reno’s business has continued to boom, indicating they may finally be immune to the state they’ve competed with for so long.

Reno’s Casino Industry Is Expanding, Too

The city’s first Topgolf Swing Suite will soon open at the Silver Legacy Resort. A massive amphitheater is set to be constructed. These types of entertainment options are without a doubt helping to grow this small city.

Almost thirty companies have moved their headquarters to Reno over the past decade. The increase in business operations is helping to bring in additional tourists, and ultimately gamblers.

Not all of Reno’s casino industry caters primarily to. It has primarily remained a local’s spot, yet their continued expansion and renovation plans bring in more visitors every year.

Many people in the state of Nevada head to online gambling sites that accept US players to make their sports wagers. Reno has a large and popular sports betting network featured in most of the casinos spread around the city. Sports gambling has been a significant source of revenue here for years. 2017 saw an 8.7% increase in overall gaming revenue, and 2018 brought another 4.1% increase.

California’s gambling expansion won’t hurt Reno’s casino industry. Gaming analyst David Katz echoed that sentiment recently by stating, “In my view, the new properties in California will have no impact whatsoever on Reno.”

What do you think the future of this city looks like? Will it gain the same type of popularity it experienced in the mid-1900’s? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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A longtime sports and gambling enthusiast, Kevin looks to present up-to-date and reliable information for readers. If he’s not writing, he’s probably watching MMA or playing blackjack.

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  • The city of Reno Nevada did not prepare when Ca will legalized gambling. When it became legal in Ca they where behind the eight ball! Now, it will take a some time to catch up. Never know, competition is a good thing. It gives
    more benefits to the players.

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