Nevada to Allow Bettors to Bet on Multiple eSports Events

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Karl Bennison of the Enforcement Division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that betting operators across the state will soon be given the green light to offer bets on multiple eSports games. The announcement came on Thursday at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino during the Casino eSports Conference.

Previously, bookmakers in Nevada were only allowed to offer bets on just one eSports event at a time. The Gaming Control Board’s decision will allow operators to apply for permission to take bets on multiple sporting events. This will only expand the growing eSports gambling industry in Nevada. Since regulators decided to allow eSports betting in 2016, there have been bets available on just three events.

One Company

There’s something of a catch, however. Books will only be allowed to offer bets on multiple events if the eSports games are organized by one company. This is a pretty clear sign that gambling regulation authorities are becoming more accustomed to the new eSports betting industry as a whole. Bennison did not say when the new rules will be put into effect, and a formal announcement has not yet been made.

ESports operators will not have to submit separate applications for permission to offer betting on different events. However, the Gaming Control Board will only grant permission to those operators with which the board is comfortable.

ESports betting was approved by Nevada lawmakers last November. The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee is the body responsible for sorting through legal issues regarding gaming in the state, and it is also allowed to make recommendations to a pair of other local authorities on gambling matters.

Of course, Nevada is the only state in the United States that allows sports betting legally. Delaware allows bettors to place parlay wagers, but that is the lone exception.

Other Events

ESports betting is categorized under gaming regulation 22.120. This regulation covers “events outside the category of horse racing, greyhound racing and athletic events.” ESports is under the headline “other events”, which also includes betting on things like postseason awards (NFL MVP, etc). Operators that wish to offer bets on “other events” must first get permission in advance.

Bennison said that the idea to offer betting on multiple eSports events first came up during discussions revolving around determining the differences between traditional gambling and eSports. Bennison proposed this idea to the Gaming Control Board, and they were obviously receptive.

Allowing wagers on eSports could lead other states to put their own regulations into place. New Jersey is a possibility, as the state recently decided to regulate daily fantasy sports.

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