A New Casino in Queensland Is Being Considered

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One of Australia’s biggest territories is looking to expand its land-based gambling operations. Reports are coming out that a new casino in Queensland is now being considered by lawmakers. It’s an exciting time for both local gamblers in the area, and major gaming companies looking to get into Australia’s lucrative market.

For now, these plans are completely hypothetical. Officials in Queensland are asking for opinions on the matter. Now is the perfect time to look back at Queensland’s history of gambling laws, and the likelihood of a new casino opening up here.

History of Gambling Inside Queensland

For many years, Australia did not take any steps to regulate its gambling industry. There were numerous establishments spread around the country, yet these operated under the table without any oversight from the government. That all changed in 1973.

That year, Australia legalized its first casino, located in Tasmania. Gambling legislation continued to expand over the next several decades. Land-based poker and sports betting became legal here, as well. Every territory in Australia now offers at least some form of gambling.

In 2001, lawmakers in Australia passed the Interactive Gaming Act to regulate the online gambling industry. Under these new laws, Australia began allowing foreign gambling companies, including many of the top online gambling sites in Europe, to operate inside the country after obtaining a license from the government. This market exploded, with millions of people around the country making internet bets on a monthly basis.

Today, there are numerous casinos and sports betting companies across the country. Queensland currently has three casinos. Lawmakers here are considering adding a new casino in Queensland, more specifically on the Gold Coast. It could be huge for one of Australia’s most popular areas.

What Do These New Plans Include?

Kate Jones, Tourism Manager of Queensland, confirmed in a recent interview that state officials are gathering proposals from casino operators on construction plans for a casino. Jones has stated that any proposals need to include plans for entertainment facilities, a concert venue, dining and retail centers.

Potential operators must be willing to invest at least $1 billion AUD into the new casino in Queensland. The number of proposals actually being considered is unclear. It seems likely that many of the top gaming companies in the world are going to want to enter this market.

The exact location for the new casino in Queensland is up in the air. The local government here has already ruled out a number of areas within the Gold Coast including the Southport Spit and the Wave Break Island. Fortunately, a number of other areas within the Gold Coast are available.

Pros and Cons of a New Casino in Queensland

While many in the gambling industry are excited over the prospect of a new casino being built, some anti-gaming groups are already voicing their disapproval. It’s well known that Australia has one of the largest population of problem gamblers in the world, and some are concerned that adding more wagering options in the Gold Coast will make things worse.

The development of a casino in the Gold Coast would be part of what the government is calling the GTH (Global Tourism Hub). According to analysts, a new casino in Queensland will bring in an additional one million tourists every year. It will also create an additional 6,000 jobs for locals here.

Lawmakers in Queensland are taking the opinion of gambling operators until April. After that, they will choose whether or not to officially begin taking applications from casino companies. Reports are indicating that Caesars Entertainment and Hard Rock International may throw their hat into the mix.

Do you want to see a casino built in the Gold Coast? Will this help or hurt the economy here? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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